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XAML Definition
Wikipedia entry for XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language)—the XML-based markup language for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in WinFX that is used to describe rich graphical user interfaces. Wiki includes an introduction to XAML, a simple code example and links to several XAML resources.
Getting Started with XAML,1759,1739613,00.asp
Article: "Working With Avalon Today: Getting Started with XAML," by Nick Chase. Discusses how to use XAML to create a window, add vector graphics to it, and bind those graphics and their events to .NET code that writes and reads a file on the user's local machine; the basics, gradients and other decorations, adding code and binding to objects.
A Guided Tour of WPF—Part 1 (XAML)
Article: "A Guided Tour of WPF—Part 1 (XAML)," by Josh Smith. Discusses what XAML is, performance impact, basic syntax, the C# version, markup extensions, code-behind files and how the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) horse race uses XAML.
Introduction to XAML Part 1
Article: "Introduction to XAML Part 1," by Andreas Kraus. Discusses what XAKL is, a simple XAML button, types of brushes, defining multiple pairs, panels, types of panels and templates.
Introduction to XAML
Article: "Introduction to XAML," by Keyvan Nayyeri. Discusses the background of XAML, advantages of XAML, XAML development tools, writing an application with XAML, XAML elements, XAML attributes and general user interface programmatically.

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