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XAML Resource Center
Forums and Groups
Using XAML—Yahoo! Developer Network
Developer group: "Web Services Using XAML," on the Yahoo! Developer Network. Overviews XAML, and discusses using XAML to create a weather badge and binding XML to a ListBox.
Silverlight XAML Developer Network
Developer network: The Silverlight XAML Developer Network on Yahoo! Overviews XAML, the Windows Presentation Foundation and Sivlerlight and discusses syntax such as namespaces, property element, attached properties and events.
XAML and AJAX Discussion Group
Yahoo! Group for rich Internet applications developers based in India. Discusses XAML, AJAX, Macromedia Flex and other technologies.
Yahoo! Group for XAML
Yahoo! Group for XAML discusses Aurora, XAML, WinFX and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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Update :: October 16, 2018