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XAML Resource Center
XAML Namespaces and Namespace Mapping
Documentation: "XAML Namespaces and Namespace Mapping." Topics include the WPF and XAML namespace declarations, mapping to custom classes and assemblies, and mapping CLR namespaces to XML namespaces in an assembly.
XAML Custom Classes
Documentation: "XAML Custom Classes." Topics include custom classes in applications vs. assemblies, requirements for a custom class as a XAML element, requirements for properties of a custom class as XAML attributes, and requirements for events of a custom class as XAML attributes.
XAML Overview
Documentation: "XAML Overview." Discusses how XAML is a declarative language, creating a user interface with XAML, creating a basic XAML file, base classes and XAML, XAML properties, events and more.
Markup Extensions and XAML
Documentation: "Markup Extensions and XAML." Topics include XAML readers and markup extensions, basic markup extension syntax, WPF-specific markup extensions, XAML-defined markup extensions, and markup extension syntax.
XAML Overview
Documentation: "XAML Overview," from Microsoft. Discusses the features of the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) language and demonstrates how you can use XAML to write Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, a declarative language with flow control support, XAML object elements, setting properties, reference values and markup extensions, typeconverter-enables attribute values, collection types and XAML collection properties, XAML content properties, case and whitespace in XAML, XAML syntax, XAML root elements and xmlns, events and XAML code-behind, x:Name, attached properties and attached events, base classes and XAML, XAML security, loading XAML from code, what's next? and related topics.
Code-Behind and XAML
Documentation: "Code-Behind and XAML," from Microsoft. Discusses what code-behind is, the requirements for code-behind as well as an alternative inline code mechanism for code in XAML, prerequisites, code-behind, event handlers, partial class requirements, the x:Code, inline code limitations and related topics.

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