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XAML Resource Center
Our 7 Goals for XAML
Blog: "Our 7 Goals for XAML," by Rob Relyea. Discusses what XAML is, and the seven goals that include be XML, describe hierarchy of objects in a human readable/writable way, provide page-based programming model, be source code or runtime instructions, take advantage of strong typing, be toolable, be useful for much more than UI definitions, and don't forget we built XAML—Avalon!
Zero to Hero: XAML From the Ground Up
Blog: "Zero to Hero: XAML From the Ground Up," by Silverlight: Laurence Moroney. Discusses layout properties, brush properties, visual properties, shapes, controls, the XAML XSD, help files and documentation, and XAML tools.
Limited Generics Support in XAML
Blog: "Limited Generics Support in XAML," by Mike Hillberg. Discusses some background on generics support in XAML, a helper to create Collection in XAML, a helper to create List ObservableCollection in XAML, a helper to create Dictionary in XAML and a helper to create other generic types.

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Update :: October 21, 2018