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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Videos
WCF Bindings and Channels
Video: “Windows Communication Foundation Bindings and Channels,” presented by Clemens Vasters, community program manager on the Windows Communication Foundation team. This 20-minute video discusses what bindings are, how bindings control construction of the WCF channel stack, and what the channel stack is.
Creating a Web Service with WCF
Video: “Creating a Web Service with Windows Communication Foundation,” presented by Dan Wahin. Topics covered in the 15-minute video include defining a data contract using XSD schema, generating data entity code, creating a service interface, and consuming a service via a client-side proxy.
Windows Communication Foundation Videos
Videos: Windows Communication Foundation Videos by Mike Taulty. Topics include WCF: Hello World, type serialization, DataContract serialization, typed and untyped messages, bindings, message encoding, message patterns, sessions, instancing, concurrency, exceptions, transactions, HTTPS transport security, message security, authorization, and auditing.

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Update :: October 18, 2018