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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Tutorials
Getting Started with WCF
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation,” from the Microsoft developer’s Network Discusses how to define a WCF service contract, how to implement a WCF service contract, how to run a basic WCF service, how to create a WCF client, how to configure a basic WCF client, and how to use a WCF foundation client.
WCF Hello World Tutorial
Tutorial: “Windows Communication Foundation: Hello World Tutorial,” by Hilton Giesenow. This is the first of a three-part tutorial on WCF and discusses installing the WCF, creating a root folder, enabling WCF features, adding the IHelloWorldService interface, creating a class, important aspects of the class, setting up the web.config file, running the service and the client.
WCF DataContract vs. Serializable Tutorial
Tutorial: “Windows Communication Foundation Tutorial Part 2: DataContract vs. Serializable,” by Hilton Giesenow. Discusses complex objects, defining serialization, the standard serialization attribute, WCF DataContracts attributes, the MessageContract attribute, the MessageBody attribute, the MessageHeads attribute, creating an actual service, configuring a host application, and more advanced serialization options.
WCF Messaging and MessageContracts Tutorial
Tutorial: “Windows Communication Foundation Tutorial Part 3: Messaging and MessageContracts,” by Hilton Giesenow. Discusses message objects, containers, the messageContract attribute, the MessageBody attribute, the MessageHeader attribute, request-response message objects, the GetCustomerResponse object and security.
Introduction to Developing w/ WCF & VS 2005
Tutorial: "Introduction to developing with Windows Communication Foundation and Visual Studio 2005," from Microsoft. This is a free 2-hour self-paced course for enterprise developers and software architects for using the WCF in their service-oriented solutions. Topics covered include a navigation overview, what WCF is, what the service model is, scenarios for building WCF applications, productivity enhancements in WCF, service-oriented development in WCF, interoperability and integration, WCF contracts, the process of implementing a service contract, options for hosting a WCF service, how to create a basic WCF service, fundamentals of creating a WCF client, how to create a client by generating a proxy, creating a client using a channel factory, asynchronous invocation in WCF, implementing a duplex contract in WCF, overview of WCF behaviors, how to configure WCF behaviors, choosing a predefined binding in WCF, defining a custom binding in WCF, guidelines for configuring the transport layer, security features of WCF, security modes of WCF, authentication and authorization in WCF, how to configure message-based security, transactions in WCF, queuing in WCF, and reliable sessions in WCF.
Learn The ABCs of Programming WCF
Article: "Learn The ABCs of Programming Windows Communication Foundation," by Aaron Skonnard. Discusses the WCF programming model, service contracts and dispatch behavior, data contracts, message and service contracts, implementing service contracts, hosting the services and defining endpoints, choosing and customizing bindings, opening the host, configuring service endpoints, using activation services, programming clients, configuring client endpoints, generating client proxies, and logging messages.

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