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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Sample Chapters
Windows Communication Foundation Overview
Sample chapter: “Windows Communication Foundation Overview,” from Professional WCF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Communication Foundation, by Scott Klein (April 2007). Discusses the need for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), understanding service orientation, service-oriented architecture principles, explicit boundaries, autonomous services, policy-based compatibility, shared schemas and contracts, and Microsoft’s commitment to SOA.
WCF Prerequisites
Sample chapter: “Prerequisites,” from Windows Communication Foundation Unleashed, by Craig McMurtry, Marc Mercuri, Nigel Watling and Matt Winkler (March 2007). Discusses partial types, generics, and nullable value types.
Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture (in WCF)
Sample chapter: “Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture,” from Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation, by Chris Peiris, Dennis Mulder, Amit Bahree, Aftab Chopra, Shawn Cicoria, and Nishith Pathak (January 2007). Discusses what SOA is, disadvantages of integrating multiple applications on disparate networks, advantages of using messaging, understanding SOA, and what a service is.
Introducing Windows Communication Foundation
Sample chapter: “Introducing Windows Communication Foundation,” from Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Step-By-Step, by John Sharp (January 2007). Discusses what the Windows Communication Foundation is, the early days of personal computer applications, inter-process communication technologies, the web and web services, using XML as a common data format, sending and receiving web service requests, handling security and privacy in a global environment, and the purpose of Windows Communication Foundation.
WCF Universal Requirements and Concepts
Sample chapter: “Chapter One: The Moon is Blue,” from Inside Windows Communication Foundation, by Justin Smith (May 2007). Discusses the universal requirement, the universal concept, the business example, and an introduction to the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

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