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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Introductions
What is Windows Communication Foundation?
"What is Windows Communication Foundation?" from Microsoft .NET. Explains what WCF is and what it does. Additional links are provided to developer resources that include the MSDN .NET Framework developer Center, the .NET Framework 3.0 Developer Scenarios, and the .NET Framework 3.0 Community site; and to an ISV Showcase, business articles and customer success stories.
Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation
Article" "Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation," by David Chappell. Discusses a description of the Windows Communication Foundation, a scenario, what WCF provides, the unification of Microsoft's distributed computing technologies, interoperability with applications, explicit support for service-oriented development, using the WCF, creating a WCF service, creating a service class, selecting a host, defining endpoints, creating a WCF client, messaging options, controlling local behavior, security, transactions, queuing, extensibility and tool support.
Introduction to Building WCF Services
Article: "Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Service," by Clemens Vasters. Discusses what the Windows Communication foundation is, the ABCs of WCF, defining service contracts, defining data contracts, RPC or messaging?, implementing services, hosting services, choosing and configuring bindings, binding requirements and validation, and clients.
Introducing Windows Communication Foundation
Sample chapter: “Introducing Windows Communication Foundation,” from Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Step-By-Step, by John Sharp (January 2007). Discusses what the Windows Communication Foundation is, the early days of personal computer applications, inter-process communication technologies, the web and web services, using XML as a common data format, sending and receiving web service requests, handling security and privacy in a global environment, and the purpose of Windows Communication Foundation.
Windows Communication Foundation Overview
Sample chapter: “Windows Communication Foundation Overview,” from Professional WCF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Communication Foundation, by Scott Klein (April 2007). Discusses the need for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), understanding service orientation, service-oriented architecture principles, explicit boundaries, autonomous services, policy-based compatibility, shared schemas and contracts, and Microsoft’s commitment to SOA.
Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
"Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)," by Payton Byrd. Discusses what the WCF is, contracts, the service, the service host, and the application container.
WCF Messaging Fundamentals
Article: “WCF Messaging Fundamentals,” by Aaron Skonnard. Discusses XML representations, the Message class, message versions, reading and writing messages, typed message bodies, message lifetime, message headers and properties, mapping messages to methods, endpoints and bindings, and bringing it all together.
WCF Definition
“What is Windows Communication Foundation?” from MSDN .NET Developer Center. Describes the WCF service-oriented programming model for the development of connected applications, and discusses the unification of Microsoft distributed computing technologies, interoperability with other web services platforms, and interoperability with other Microsoft technologies.
Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
Webcast: "Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation," from Microsoft. This 1-1/2-hour webcast describes the programming frameworks that are part of Vista, the upcoming version of Windows, what the WCF provides, the WCF's support for standard protocols (such as HTTP, XML and SOAP), integration with WCF, service-oriented programming with WCF and services development for the web and the enterprise.
Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
Article: "Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation," by Keyvan Nayyeri. Overviews the WCF and discusses service orientation, advantages, fundamental concepts, architecture, the programming model, installation and preferences.
Getting Started with WCF
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation,” from the Microsoft developer’s Network Discusses how to define a WCF service contract, how to implement a WCF service contract, how to run a basic WCF service, how to create a WCF client, how to configure a basic WCF client, and how to use a WCF foundation client.

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