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Windows Communication Foundation Resource Center
Windows Communication Foundation Books
Programming WCF Services
Programming WCF Services, by Juval Lowy (February 20070. Discusses WCF essentials, service contracts, data contracts, instance management, operations, faults, transactions, concurrency management, queued services, and security. Appendices cover an introduction to service orientation, the publish-subscribe service, and the WCF coding standard.
.NET Development with the WCF
Professional WCF Programming: .NET Development with the Windows Communication Foundation, by Scott Klein (April 2007). Presents an overview of the Windows communication Foundation (WCF), WCF concepts, understanding the WCF, addresses, understanding and programming WCF bindings, understanding and programming WCF contracts, clients, services, transactions and reliable sessions, security, customizing Windows Communication Foundation, interoperability and integration, deploying WCF, managing WCF, and hosting WCF services. The appendix covers WCF template extensions in Visual Studio.
WCF Unleashed
Windows Communication Foundation Unleashed, by Craig McMurtry, Marc Mercuri, Nigel Watling and Matt Winkler (March 2007). Discusses prerequisites, the fundamentals, data representation; sessions, reliable sessions, queues and transactions; fundamentals of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), using the WCF and the WF together, security basics; Windows CardSpace, information cards and the identity metasystem, securing applications with information cards, advanced security, legacy integration, interoperability, custom behaviors, custom channels, custom transports, publish/subscribe systems, peer communication, representational state transfer and plain XML services, manageability, versioning, and guidance.
MS Windows Communication Foundation
Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: Hands-On, by Craig McMurtry, Marc Mercuri, and Nigel Watling (May 2006). Discusses prerequisites—generics and transactions, the fundamentals, data representation, security, reliable sessions, transactions, queues, legacy integration, interoperability, custom transports, publish/subscribe systems, peer communication, manageability, representational state transfer and plain XML services, and the InfoCard.
Essential WCF
Essential Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), by Steve Resnick, Richard Crane, and Chris Bowen (February 2008). A table of contents is not available at this time.
Pro WCF: Practical MS SOA Implementation
Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation, by Chris Peiris, Dennis Mulder, Amit Bahree, Aftab Chopra, Shawn Cicoria, and Nishith Pathak (January 2007). Discusses Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), WCF basics, exploring the WCF programming model, installing and creating WCF services, hosting and consuming WCF services, managing WCF services, implementing WCF security, implementing reliable messaging and queue-based communications, using transactions in WCF, integrating with COM+, working with data, developing peer-to-peer applications with WCF, and implementing SOA interoperability. The appendices cover the history of Microsoft web service implementation and WCF and .NET Framework installation steps.
WCF Step-By-Step
Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Step-By-Step, by John Sharp (January 2007). Discusses what the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is, building a WCF service, building a WCF client, hosting a WCF service, making applications and services robust, protecting an enterprise WCF service, protecting a WCF service over the Internet, maintaining service contracts and data contracts, maintaining state and sequencing operations, supporting transactions, implementing reliable sessions, programmatically controlling the configuration and communications, implementing OneWay and asynchronous operations, implementing a WCF service for good performance, routing messages, using a callback contract to publish and subscribe to events, managing identity with Windows CardSpace, and integrating with ASP.NET clients and enterprise service components.
Inside Windows Communication Foundation
Inside Windows Communication Foundation, by Justin Smith (May 2007). Discusses an introduction to WCF, service orientation; message exchange patterns, topologies and choreographies, WCF quick start, messages, channels, channel managers, bindings, contracts, and dispatchers and clients.

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