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Visual C# 2008 and C# 3.0 Resource Center
Visual C# 2008 and C# 3.0 Tutorials
C# Tutorials
C# Tutorials from the Microsoft Developers Network. The tutorials are available in three levels (simple, intermediate and advanced) and topics include a “Hello World” application, command line parameters, arrays, properties, libraries, versioning, collection classes, structs, indexers, indexed properties, user-defined conversions, operator overloading, delegates, events, explicit interface implementation, conditional methods, XML documentation, platform invoke, COM Interop (2 parts), attributes, security, threading, unsafe code, and OLE DB.
Create a Web Service Client in .NET 3.0 Using C#
Tutorial: "Create a Web Service Client in .NET 3.0 Using C#," from Dotnet Friends. Discusses what a web service client is, the five basic steps to create a web service, adding a web service reference to a Windows-based application, using Visual Studio, creating a Windows-based application, using the WSDL tool, accessing a web service in an application, and consuming a web service in the Windows-based application.
Visual C# Virtual Labs
Free Visual C# Virtual Labs from Microsoft. Topics include “Creating a Distributed Application in C#,” a two-part “Creating ASP.NET Web Applications in C#,” a three-part “Creating Windows Applications in C#,” a two-part “Data Access Using ADO.NET in C#,” “No-Touch Deployment with the Microsoft .NET Framework with C#,” “Soup to Nuts Lab 1: A Tour of Visual Studio .NET,” “Soup to Nuts Lab 2: Creating Top-Notch User Experiences with Windows forms in Visual Studio .NET, “Soup to Nuts Lab 3: Rapid Application Development with Visual Studio .NET,” two-part “Soup to Nuts Lab 4: Object-Oriented Concepts in Microsoft .NET Winforms Applications,” “Soup to Nuts Lab 5: .NET Framework Programming,” “Soup to Nuts Lab 6: User Interface Beauty Tips for Windows Forms Applications,” and “Soup to Nuts Lab 7: Optimized Exception Handling with Microsoft .NET.”

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