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Visual C# 2008 and C# 3.0 Resource Center
Visual C# 2008 and C# 3.0 Sample Chapters
C# Meets Design Patterns
Sample chapter: “C# Meets Design Patterns,” from C# 3.0 Design Patterns, by Judith Bishop (January 2008). Discusses object-oriented design patterns, the UML (Unified Modeling Language), and C# 3.0
The Philosophy of .NET
Sample chapter: “The Philosophy of .NET,” from Pro C# 2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform, 4/e, by Andrew Troelsen (November 2007). Discusses life as a C/Win32 API programmer, life as a C++/MFC programmer, life as a Visual Basic 6.0 programmer, life as a Java/J2EE programmer, life as a COM developer, life as a Windows DNA programmer, the .NET solution, introducing the building blocks of the .NET platform (the CLR, CTS, and CLS), the role of the base class libraries, and what C# brings to the table.

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