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Visual Basic 2008 Resource Center
Visual Basic 2008 Training Courses
Exploring MS VS 2008 Using Visual Basic
Training course: “Exploring Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Using Visual Basic,” from AppDev. This is a for-sale course with over 11 hours of training. Topics include LINQ (syntax, LINQ over SQL, working with DataSet data, and LINQ over XML), data improvements (the TableAdapterManager, cache data locally, n-tier data applications, and LINQ to SQL classes), the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) (compare declarative and procedural coding styles, the WPF designer, controls and data binding and create a WPF application), the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) (how to build host WCF services, workflows, and how hosts and workflows communicate), ASP.NET improvements (new features, create ASP.NET sites, adding LINQ support, and use JavaScript and Ajax in ASP.NET sites), Windows application improvements (remote login, roles and profile services, WPF controls in Windows Forms, the report wizard, and what’s new in ClickOnce), and Office 2007 projects (templates, the Ribbon designer, create a custom task pane, deploy Office applications using OneClick) and more.

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Update :: October 22, 2018