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Visual Basic 2008 Resource Center
Visual Basic 2008 Resources
Create Dynamic Maps with VB 9.0 and WPF
Article: “Create Dynamic Maps with Visual Basic 9.0 and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation),” by Scott Wisniewski. Discusses WPF dependency properties, querying XML using LINQ, drawing a map, visualizing map data, WPF data binding, the application object model, map classes, importing map data, map data format, importing data, and visualizing population data.
Lambda Expressions
Article: “Lambda Expressions,” by Timothy Ng. Discusses what lambda expressions are and how they are used in Visual Basic 2008, lambda expressions as callbacks, why add lambda expressions?, type inference, code generation, lambda expressions and variable lifting, and making the most of lambda expressions.
Visual Basic 2008 Keybinding Reference
Poster: “Visual Basic 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster,” from Microsoft. Printable wall poster containing list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Visual Basic 2008 language in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.
Visual Basic Language Specification 9.0
“Visual Basic Language Specification 9.0,” from Microsoft. This document provides a complete description of the Visual Basic language 9.0. Topics include grammar notation, compatibility, lexical grammar, preprocessing directives, general concepts (including declarations, overloading, signatures, scope, inheritance, implementations, polymorphism, accessibility, type, namespace names, variables, and generic types and methods), attributes, source files and namespaces, types, conversions, type members, statements, expressions, documentation comments, grammar summary and change list.
Visual Basic 2008 Resources
Visual Basic 2008 page on the Microsoft Develop Network. Resources include links to “Getting Started with Visual Basic” (lists what’s new and what’s available in the various editions), “Visual Basic Tour Guide” (steps through various aspects of programming with Visual Basic), “Help for Visual Basic 6 Users” (discusses the differences in Visual Basic between version 6.0 and the current version), “Upgrading Applications in Visual Basic” (demonstrates how to upgrade Visual Basic code), “Developing Applications with Visual Basic” (discusses the code editor, security, exception handling, debugging, and using the .NET Framework class library), “Visual Basic Programming Guide” (introduces the components of Visual Basic), “Visual Basic Reference” (contains the Visual Basic language and compiler information), and “Visual Basic Sample Applications” (contains information about samples).
Type inference in Visual Basic 2008
Article: "Type inference in Visual Basic 2008," by Bill Horst. Discusses why type inference is necessary, type inference and lambda expressions, other implications, the Go To type definition and enabling and disabling type inference.
Extension Methods
Article: "Extension Methods," by Adrian Bowles. Discusses the extension methods feature in Visual Basic 2008, creating and using extension methods, the advantage of extension methods, security concerns, overloading with extension methods, Which types, extending Object type, and extension methods in .NET framework 2.0 Applications.
Hidden Gems in Visual Basic 2008
The Visual Basic Team Blog: "Hidden Gems in Visual Basic 2008," by Amanda Silver. Discusses multi-targeting, type inference, the If operator, object initializers, nullable, LINQ to DataSet, syntax tooltips, XML Namespace support in Intellisense, the GoTo type definition, type inference for loop variables, and performance improvements and non-blocking operators.
What's New in Visual Basic 2008
Article: "What's New in Visual Basic 2008," from VB Helper. Discusses features of Visual Basic 2008 including LINQ, extension methods,, anonymous types, object initializers, lambda and inline functions, relaxed delegates, If functions, nullable types, IntelliSense changes, formatting changes, improved designers, and improved .NET framework.
Visual Basic 2008 and Closures,289483,sid8_gci1271795,00.html
Article: "Visual Basic 2008 and Closures," by Brian Eastwood. Discusses what closures are, closures in Visual Basic, method calls, scope, and the variable lifetime.

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