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Visual Basic 2008 Resource Center
Visual Basic 2008 Resource Sites
Visual Basic Downloads
Visual Basic downloads from Microsoft. Downloads include the Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition (free tool for building object-oriented applications for Windows in the .NET Framework, the Visual Studio 2008 SDK and Shell, XML to Schema tool (free project item template) for LINQ to XML in Visual Basic 9 (2008), the Visual Basic Language Specification 9.0, Visual Basic LINQ hands on labs for Visual Studio 2008 and related resources.
Visual Basic Code, Links and Tips
Visual Basic code, links and tips from Resources include articles, and source code. Topics include VB 2005/2008 and express editions, VB.NET 2005/2008, programming in VB and links to other resources.
Visual Basic Developer Center
Microsoft Developer Network's Visual Basic Developer Center. Resources include product information, webcasts, downloads, community, featured resources, "How Do I" videos, code samples, starter kits, blogs from the VB Team, VB projects from CodePlex, forums, and video tutorials.
Visual Basic Learning Page
The Visual Basic Learning Page from the Microsoft Developer Network. Resources include webcasts, books, courses, technical articles, videos, and learning materials. Topics include coexisting with VB 6.0, data and data access, deployment, interoperability and Win32, migration, mobile development, namespaces, new to development, office development, performance and diagnostics, web development, Windows Forms development, learning plan for using LINQ is Visual Basic 2008, learning plan for Interop with VB6, learning plan for Visual Basic 2008 architecture, MS Visual Basic Edition and MS Windows script host essentials, and links to related certifications.
Visual Basic 2008 Keybinging Reference
"Visual Basic 2008 Keybinging Reference" poster, for Microsoft. A printable poster (in PDF format) containing a list of keyboard shortcuts for Visual Basic 2008 in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Basic Express. System requirements and instructions are provided.

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