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Visual Basic 2008 Resource Center
Visual Basic 2008 Introductions
Teach Yourself VB 2008 in 24 Hours
Book: Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2008 in 24 Hours: The Complete Starter Kit, by James Foxall (March 2008).
Introduction to Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
Video: “Introduction to Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition,” from Microsoft. This 36-½ minute video discusses the main features of the Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, walks through some of the common tasks of creating programs, the development environment, setup, creating a project, the Windows Form Designer, writing Visual Basic code; compiling, running and saving a project, errors and debugging, project files, properties and customization, and data.
What's New in Visual Basic 2008
Article: "What's New in Visual Basic 2008," from Microsoft Developer Network. Discusses the new and enhanced features of Visual Basic 2008 including the VB compiler and language, data access, LINQ, LINQ to SQL, the Dataset Designer, the IDE (integrated development environment), the Project Designer, the Target framework, deployment, and upgrading from Visual Basic 6.0.
Simply Visual Basic 2008, 3/e
Book: Simply Visual Basic 2008, 3/e, by Paul J. Deitel and Harvey M. Deitel (April 2008). Discusses computers, the Internet, VB, VB Express 2008 IDE, visual programming, textboxes, buttons, programming, variables, memory concepts, arithmetic, algorithms, pseudocode, program control, checkboxes, message dialogs, the Do While loop, the Do Until loop, repetition statements, the For Next repetition statement, the Select-Case statement, functions procedures, Sub procedures, using dates and timers, scope, pass-by-reference, option Strict, random-number generation, arrays and ComboBoxes, RadioButtons, classes, objects, collections, For Each…Next statements, access keys, LINQ, graphics object, mouse events, keyboard events, menus, dialogs, string processing, sequential-access files, database programming, LINQ to SQL, graphics and printing with the WPF, multimedia with the WPF, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express, the ASP.NET Development Server, web controls, and exception handling.
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step-by-Step
Book: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step-by-Step, by Michael Halvorson (January 2008). Discusses the fundamentals of Visual Basic 2008, building robust applications; how, when, and why to use the latest features of Visual Basic, creating components and applications for Windows, data management, and web-based development topics.
Starting Out with Visual Basic 2008, 4/e
Book: Starting Out with Visual Basic 2008, 4/e, by Tony Gaddis and Kip Irvine (February 2008). Discusses developing Visual Basic 9.0 programs, programming concepts, using controls, using concepts, the features of VB 9.0, creating applications, input, variables, exceptions, calculations, decision making, strings, loops, lists, validation, sub-procedures, functions, multiple forms, standard modules, menus, arrays, timers, files, printing, structure, databases, developing web applications, classes, exceptions, collections and scrollable controls.
Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies
Book: Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies, by Bill Sempf (March 2008). Discusses the fundamentals of writing code, building next-generation applications, the features and functions in VB 2008, LINQ queries and developing Vista applications.
Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008
Book: Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, by Thearon Willis and Byran Newsome (May 2008). Discusses building class libraries, web services, .NET remoting, deploying applications, the Windows Workflow Foundation, the Windows Presentation Foundation, and the Windows Communication Foundation.
Intro to Programming Using VB 2008, 7/e
Book: Intro to Programming Using Visual Basic 2008, 7/e, by David Schneider (May 2008). Discusses developing problem-solving skills and reviews the preliminaries of Windows.

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