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Silverlight 2.0 Resource Center
Silverlight 2.0 Training Courses
The Silverlight Tour
“The Silverlight Tour” presented by Wildermuth Consulting. This is a three-day fee-based workshop of intense Silverlight training. Topics include Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 (renamed Silverlight 2.0), covers the Expression Blend and Visual Studio, designing your first Silverlight application, the Silverlight architecture, XAML, drawing with XAML, animating with XAML, using media with XAML, designing for XAML, using Expression design, using Expression video, the Silverlight 1.0 development model, hosting Silverlight, event model event handling, debugging, the hosting plug-in, XAML objects, XAML hierarchy navigating collections, the Silverlight 1.1 development model, differences in 1.0 and 1.1, Silverlight client architecture, Silverlight and managed code, Silverlight 1.1 development, interacting with the browser, dynamic XAML in Silverlight 1.1, interacting with the HTML page, advanced Silverlight functionality, custom controls, mixing XAML and HTML, using Ink, using the Ink presenter, working with full-screen mode, using the Silverlight downloader, streaming media with Silverlight, using Silverlight on the server, using Silverlight with ASP.NET, ASP.NET futures controls, creating dynamic XAML with ASP.NET, deploying Silverlight assets, using Silverlight with ASP.NET AJAX, the update panel, and using the ScriptManager.
Applied ASP.NET Ajax and Silverlight
“Applied ASP.NET Ajax and Silverlight,” presented by Pluralsight. This is a five-day fee-based course. Silverlight topics include Silverlight XAML input handling, scripting events, graphics (shapes, text and images), video and audio, animation (triggers and storyboards), controls (encapsulating Silverlight behavior), server communication (client-side HTTP networking and web service calls), data (caching data in the client), browser integration, debugging Silverlight applications, ASP.NET integration, using Ajax and Silverlight together, application deployment and application design with Silverlight. ASP.NET Ajax topics include asynchronous XML and JavaScript programming, programming Ajax manually, the ASP.NET Ajax Extensions framework, extensions to JavaScript, client-side framework features, client-side web service proxies, browser compatibility layer, server-side controls and behaviors, control toolkit, ASP.NET integration, .asmx support for JSON encoding, ScriptManager, UpdatePanels, control extenders, building Ajax-enabled custom controls, debugging Ajax applications with today’s tools and application design patterns with ASP.NET Ajax.

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Update :: November 13, 2018