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Silverlight 2.0 Resource Center
Silverlight 2.0 Resources
Silverlight Architecture Overview
Article: “Silverlight Architecture Overview,” by Barak Cohen. Discusses what Silverlight is, Silverlight as part of a user-experience continuum, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft UX continuum, the Silverlight architecture, Silverlight’s basic properties, deployment and packaging, and scenarios for using Silverlight.
Silverlight for Web Media Scenarios
Article: “Silverlight for Web Media Scenarios,” from Microsoft. Discusses reaching broader audiences, features of the Silverlight CTP (Community Technology Preview), example media scenarios with Silverlight. Developing Silverlight media experiences, and delivering rich media with Silverlight and Windows Media technologies.
Using Silverlight and RSS to Build a Hero Bar with
Article: “Using Silverlight and RSS to Build a Hero Bar with ASP.NET,” by Laurence Moroney. Discusses hero bars (banners that rotate around new content and provide direct links to it) creating a XAML template, using RSS, building an ASP.NET application to generate XAML from the RSS document, managing the URLs, and rendering the hero banner in Silverlight.
MS Software License Terms and Silverlight Software
Microsoft Pre-release Software License Terms and Microsoft Silverlight Software Development Kit 1.1 Alpha September Refresh. Information includes installation and use rights, additional licensing requirements and/or use rights for sample code, right to use and distribute, distribution requirements, distribution restrictions, term of the agreement, pre-release software, feedback, scope of license, export restrictions, support services, and more.
Managed Code Shines in Silverlight 2.0
Article: "Managed Code Shines in Silverlight 2.0," by Steven Porter. Discusses features of Silverlight including XAML, JavaScript, managed code, how to build a user viewer application using Silverlight 2.0, Expression Blend (tool for designing user interfaces and animations), creating a custom control, loading card data, user settings, previewing cards, viewing cards, editing card data and possible enhancements.
RIAs: Has MS Finally Seen the “Silver” Light
Article: “Rich Internet Applications: Has Microsoft Finally Seen the “Silver” Light?” by Charlie Fink. Discusses the introduction of Silverlight, what rich Internet applications (RIAs) are, Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, and the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft Silverlight.

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