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Silverlight 2.0 Resource Center
Silverlight 2.0 Videos
Silverlight 2.0 “How do I” Videos
Silverlight 2.0 “How do I” Videos. Silverlight 2.0 was previously known as Silverlight 1.1. There are nine videos with just over two hours of presentations. Topics include “Getting Started with Silverlight 1.1,” “Top Banana” (a new starter kit that lets developers add sophisticated and streamlined video editing to their content sites), “Dynamic Languages with Silverlight,” “Silverlight in Their Own Words” (Silverlight team members demonstrate, discuss and show how to design and develop Silverlight applications), “Creating User Controls with Silverlight 1.1,” “Drag-and-Drop Functionality in Silverlight 1.1,” “Listening to Events on HTML Objects,” “Creating Silverlight Objects in XAML and in C#,” and “Silverlight 1.1 Web Services.”

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Update :: October 21, 2018