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Silverlight 2.0 Resource Center
Silverlight 2.0 Tools
Silverlight: Gallery : 2.0 Alpha Samples
Silverlight: Gallery : 2.0 Alpha Samples, from Microsoft. 70 Silverlight samples include a draggable Silverlight window (with a alpha-blended background PNG image to give the effect of "see-through glass" on the screen), a count-down timer control (for use in timing events), color the world (users can create palettes and share them and demonstrates Silverlight's ability to resize elements vectorially), Silverlight controls (demonstrates free controls including textbox, list box, and calendar), OpenXML factory (explains how to use the XML template to build office word documents), online ruler editor (uses Silverlight and NetikaTech controls to create the editor that also works with SharePoint 2007), Anadoc (a website developed entirely using Microsoft Expression Studio software), Silverlight MovieShow (Silverlight application developed by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions), World Map (provides source code for a XAML world map and how to use it), Makeea (creating a good website), video puzzle (a jigsaw game with video), Silver Pac-Man (a revised Silverlight application of the classic game from Namco), interactive Silverlight voting control (users can vote and see results), free Silverlight chart control (provides charting solutions), tree view control (for displaying nested data), SilverlightVR 360 (an application that allows a user to rotate an object they create), simple line chart (displays data imported from an Excel spreadsheet), ComponentOne stock portfolio manager (displays a personalized portfolio using real-time stock quotes), ComponentOne Encarta browser (based on Microsoft's Astoria data services users can browse the Encarta encyclopedia), ComponentOne Amazon Store (combines Silverlight and Amazon web services), ComponentOne Silverlight control gallery (set of controls for developing Silverlight applications), ComponentOne ReMIX07 dynamic agenda (demonstrates rich content, dynamic zoom effects and pop-up information), SilverLander (game where the user must bring a lander to a safe and upright landing), Truck Wars (Silverlight real-time strategy game), CanvasWeb design surface (demonstrates how the design surface provides applications with rich design surface capabilities), blue face audio conference (demonstrates an audio conference), chart FX (a Silverlight add-on provides charting and mapping functionality), The Seconds (a Silverlight player with C# and RSS), electronic map (for interactive map rendering), Minesweeper (a version of the game implemented in Silverlight), Throwing People: A Farseer Physics demo (users grab and throw people using the mouse), Silverlight Hebrew & Arabic language support (supports right-to-left and align-to-right features), UserControls as screens pattern (for managing usercontrol "screens" in Silverlight applications), Silverlight Balloons (a simple game/screen occupier), Swedish Silverlight clock (with both a half minute hand and a 24-hour hand), SilverAvoid (game that was written in Silverlight and C#), animated 3-D polyhedra (demonstrates how three-dimensional shapes are formed), Rubik Cube (a demo developed in C# for Silverlight), photo gallery (C#/PHP) (an automated photo gallery), Silverlight 8-Ball (billards game), Farseer 2-D Physics Engine (for creating dynamic games), Silverlight movie catalog with PHP and MySQL backend (demonstrates the Silverlight works with any server-side web technology), Fluxify—Resize and Email photos (Silverlight tool for mailing photos in emails), cat chasing fish (demonstrates Silverlight's support for animation, music, fonts and more), art of solitaire (demonstrates the Hi/Lo solitaire game), simple Silverlight XPS viewer (for viewing documents defines by the XML Paper Specification), Sudoku player (Sliverlight version of the number puzzle), virtual earth viewer (demonstrates Silverlight's enhanced scaling and fading capabilities), bubble factory (game), bubblemark animation test (compares the performance of RIA frameworks and approaches across different browsers), Khet Online board games (online version of the board game Khet), Silverlight rocks (destroy asteroids game), destroy all invaders (game), Silverlight surface (demo for moving, resizing and rotating), Dr. Popper (game), Inplay (in-page MP3 player), Digger (a Silverlight version of a Boulderdash clone), monotone (monochrome graphics demo), Silverlight airline sample (demo), socializer (social networking browser), chess (game), clock (analog clock sample), video library (custom media player built on top of Silverlight), scribbler (sketch pad), photo viewer—managed JScript (managed JScript and IronPython implementations), clock—VB.NET (analog clock implemented in XAML), and photo viewer—IronPython (managed JScript and IronPython implementations).

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Update :: October 17, 2018