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Silverlight 2.0 Resource Center
Silverlight 2.0 Sample Chapters
Introducing Silverlight
Sample chapter: “Introducing Silverlight,” from Silverlight 2.0 in Action, by Chad A. Campbell (October 2007). Introduces Silverlight and discusses productivity, performance, portability, the developer experience, the designer experience, XAML, code-behind, namespaces, compound properties, attached properties, and blending it together.
Introducing Silverlight
Sample chapter: “Introducing Silverlight,” from Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, 2/e, by Laurence Moroney (June 2008). Discusses what Silverlight is, Silverlight and user experience, the Silverlight architecture, your first Silverlight applications, the Silverlight.js, XAML, and the CreateSilverlight.js.

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