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Website Monetization Resource Center

Monetizing RSS Feeds
"Monetizing RSS Feeds"
Article: "Monetizing RSS Feeds," by Sharon Housley. Discusses subscription RSS feeds where publishers only reveal a small portion of their articles and readers need to pay a subscription fee to access an entire article; advertisements—such as banner ads, text ads, and contextual ads (where ads are matched to page content); and hybrid alternatives—publishers offer ad-free feeds for a fee (with options for subscribers to see the ads).
MediaFed RSS Advertising

MediaFed, based inEngland, helps place ads into RSS feeds. Ads are contextual, matching keywords contained in articles. Publishers decide how often ads will appear in their feeds (e.g., after each entry, after two or three entries, etc.).

Text Link Ads (TLA)

Text Link Ads (TLA) places ads on websites, RSS feeds and blogs. You must submit your site, RSS feed or blog for approval. Ads appear at the bottom of RSS feeds and blogs. Owners can review and approve ads for their sites, RSS feeds and blogs. TLA ads are not contextual and can be used with other programs. Ads for a site, RSS feed and blog are priced according to the amount of traffic, the theme and popularity of the site, RSS feed or blog; revenues are split 50/50 and payments are made monthy, as long as the minimum payment amount is met.

Pheedo's FeedPowered™ Advertising Platform

Pheedo's FeedPowered™ is an advertising platform for RSS feeds that updates ads based on a site's current content. Ads appear at the end of a post and publishers can control how often the ads appear and how their ads will look. Ads can also appear on a publisher's website to help increase revenues. FeedPowered can work with RSS feeds produced in FeedBurner, MoveableType, Typepad, Wordpress and Expression Engine. Pheedo has ads that pay in both CPM and CPC. The Pheedo Ping APU allows publishers to request an immediate update to their latest feed (e.g., a breaking news event) instead of waiting for an automatic update (which occurs about every 7-1/2 minutes); this ensures that publishers get their feeds read quickly and appropriate ads appear. There is a wide range of ad categories available, topics include arts and literature, automotive, business and finance, computers, games, health and fitness, home and garden, movies and TV, music, sports and recreation, travel and many others.

"Redefining the RSS Feed"

Article: "Redefining the RSS Feed," by John Heilemann. Discusses FeedBurner—a leader in the management of RSS feeds (they manage over 300,000 feeds), what RSS feeds are and how they work, how FeedBurner assists publishers in monetizing their RSS feeds, how it helps advertisers place their ads, and how publishers can track their audiences.

"Monetizing Your RSS Feed"

Blog: "Monetizing Your RSS Feed," by Scott Gatz, the RSS Guru at Yahoo! Discusses how to make money with RSS feeds, strategies to get people to return to your site using RSS feeds such as "deal of the day" promotions, using contextual ads in RSS feeds, and suggestions on which strategy to use that will make sense for your site.

"Advertising in RSS Feeds"

Article: "Advertising in RSS Feeds," by Sahron Housley. Emphasizes that RSS feeds should contain quality content and that ads should match the content in the feed; reviews the options available for RSS feed advertising from Google's AdSense for Feeds, Pheedo, and Kanoodle, options that should be considered including: ad relevance (matching ads to feed content), ad ratio (how many ads appear per article), and that ads should be clearly marked.

Google AdSense: Ask Dave Taylor Adresses RSS

Google AdSense: Ask Dave Taylor addresses how to add AdSense to RSS feeds with a step-by-step walkthrough. Dave discusses the Ad Settings tab, the Ad Type box, Channel options, and the Manage Custom Channels box.

"RSS Feeds Monetization Tools"

Article: "RSS Feeds Monetization Tools: A Mini Guide, by Robin Good. Discusses what RSS feeds are and the typical revenue models available for them, it reviews the popular services available and their features (such as the types of ads, selecting and approving ads, performance, rates, and special requirements, Programs that are included in this guide are: Google AdSense, Kanoodle, BrightAds, Pheedo FeedPowered, TextLinkAds Feedvertising, MediaFed, FeedShow, FeedBurner, Q-Ads, Yahoo! Publisher Network and ThankYouPages.



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Update :: July 22, 2017