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Web Analytics Resource Center

Webalizer User Manual

Webalizer User Manual: Describes the tool and what it does, discusses running the Webalizer, incremental processing, reverse DNS lookups, command line options, configuration files, files, bugs, and copyright information.

Yahoo Newsgroup for Webalizer

Newsgroup: The Yahoo Newsgroup for Webalizer is a place for hints, suggestions and help for people using the Webalizer tool. You can post a question, learn of bugs and how they were fixed, and pick up useful hints on how to use this tool.

Webalizer Wiki

Webalizer's listing on Wikipedia. Discusses a brief history of the tool and explanation of what it does; overviews terms such as URL, hit, page, file visitor, visit, host, and user agent; log file types, configuration, reports, and Internationalization.

Webalizer FAQ

FAQ: The Webalizer FAQ answers questions such as getting reports on referrals and user agents, the operating systems it runs on, compiling errors, differences between hits and files, changing configurations, processing multiple logs, and where to get additional help.


Webalizer is a free web server log file analyzer tool distributed under the Gnu General Public License. It supports several versions of the Common Logfile Format server logs and supports over 35 languages including Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and more. Features unlimited log file sizes and reports the daily average and monthly totals of the number of hits, files, pages, visits and sites.



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Update :: August 21, 2017