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Web Analytics Resource Center

Web Analytics Books
Book: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, May 2007, by Avinash Kaushik. Discusses a strategic approach to web analytics, pros and cons of web analytics options (such as clickstreams and competitive data), the secrets behind making web analytics actionable, the steps to take to create a data-driven decision-making strategy and advanced concepts such as SEM and PPC. The CD contains audio podcasts, a 45-minute video and PowerPoint presentations.

Book: Web Analytics for Dummies, April 2007, by Pedro Sostre and Jennifer LeClaire. Discusses what to expect from web analytics, key terms and what they mean, how to determine the right analytics approach, how to apply collected data into site design and marketing programs, tips on free analytics tools (such as Google) and how to select pay and subscription web analytics services.

Book: Google Analytics, September 2006, by Mary E. Tyler and Jerri Ledford. Discusses basic analytics, AWStats (a free web analytics tool) browser and dashboard, setting up Google Analytics, Google Analytics settings dashboard, filtering your data, AdWords integration, the executive dashboard, the marketer dashboard, the webmaster dashboard, unique visitor tracking, visitor segmenting, marketing campaign results, search engine marketing, content optimization, commerce tracking, revenue sources and product merchandising.

Book: Search Analytics: A Guide to Analyzing and Optimizing Website Search Engines, March 2006, by Hurol Inan. Discusses the case for search analytics, the act of searching, search keywords and hits, characteristics of search usage, quality of search results, the effect of search on conversions, search utilities, mechanisms for search analytics, high-performance search engines and the search analytics initiative.
Book: Web Analytics Demystified: A Marketer's Guide to Understanding How Your Web Site Affects Your Business, March 2004, by Eric Peterson. Overviews web analytics, discusses different web traffic data sources, the terminology of web analytics, content organization tools, process measurement tools, visitor segmentation tools, campaign analysis tools, commerce measurement tools, measuring reach, measuring acquisition, measuring retention, key performance indicators, and data integration.

Book: Web Site Measurement Hacks: Tips and Tools to Help Optimize Your Business, August 2005, by Eric Peterson. Discusses measurement basics, implementation and setup, online marketing measurement, measuring website usability, technographics and demographics, web measurement and the online retail model, reporting strategies and key performance indicators.


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