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Selling Digital Content Resource Center

Selling Digital Content: Marketers
Yaga Inc. Digital Marketplace
Yaga Inc. is a marketplace for digital content. Their services include content access control, digital rights management, payment and accounting, billing, selling plans, account management and reporting, and file delivery and hosting. They offer a suite of e-commerce payment solutions for accepting small payments, offering a fast turnaround time and content security.
The Lulu Self-Publishing Site
Lulu is a free self-publishing site that offers services for paperback books, hardcover books, photo books, calendars, brochures, music downloads, file downloads, eBooks, images, CDs, DVDs, artwork, yearbooks and dissertations. There are no set-up fees and content providers retain the rights to their materials. The content providers set their own price and items are published as ordered (no inventory). They offer a distribution service through the Lulu Marketplace that provides a storefront for your products. They also offer global distribution that includes bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Buying and Selling Digital Media
Bandero offers services for buying and selling of digital content including software, music, video, eBooks, eCards, images and eCourses. There is no fee to upload your content, and publishers can set their own prices and terms. Bandero markets, sells and processes payments for an 11% fee (there is a $.50 per sale minimum). Payments are made monthly or quarterly, depending on sales volume. Bandero also provides links for your website that will allow people to purchase your content.
Digital Media Marketing
TidWit helps digital content creators market and sell their property (blogs, movies, music, books, articles, software, etc) to a global marketplace. Searching the site is free but fees apply when listing content and they charge a commission fee on sales. Pricing options include fixed, negotiated, auction and pocket change.
Publishing, Fulfillment and Distribution Service
BookSurge (part of the Amazon organization) is a fee-based publishing, fulfillment and online distribution service for independent publishing. Content providers can select a publishing option (e.g., hard or soft cover, etc), publishing package (that include printing options, copy editing, custom cover and much more) and marketing tools. You can work with BookSurge to develop a custom program to fit your specific needs.
Self-Publishing Service
iUniverse is a fee-based self-publishing service. Content providers retain the rights to their materials. There are four programs to choose from including Fast Track, Select, Premier and Premier Pro. Features include paperback formatting, ISBN numbers, cover designs, listing in the iUniverse online bookstore, channel distribution (including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and thousands of retailers worldwide), eBook formatting, custom designed covers, editorial evaluations, hardcover set-up and much more.


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Update :: August 20, 2017