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Search Engine Optimzation Resource Center


Resource Sites
Search Engine Watch Information Site
Search Engine Watch’s information area for site owners, Webmasters and Web marketers. Topics include essentials of search engine submission, an introduction to search engine submission, your search engine budget, submitting to directories, submitting to crawlers, submitting using paid listings (i.e., Overture, Google’s AdWords); optimizing for crawlers, introduction to search engine optimization, how search engines work, how Web pages are ranked, placement tips, and how to use HTML meta tags. Additional topics include major search engines and directories, checking your listings in search engines, measuring popularity and frames.
Streetwise Maximize Web Site Traffic
Streetwise Maximize Web Site Traffic: Build Web Site Traffic Fast and Free by Optimizing Search Engine Placement, (September 2000) by Robin Nobles and Susan O'Neil. Discusses the importance of Web site positioning, how Web site positioning fits into a comprehensive Web site promotion plan, search technology and marketing; how to choose effective keywords, where to put keywords, keyword weight—"heavier" is not always better; importance of captivating titles and descriptions, creating titles that demand attention, writing description tags that rake in traffic, tips for keyword META tags; important additional ways to "get found" on the Web, what doorway pages are, what's in a doorway page, effective doorway pages; search engine strategies, how to boost site popularity and watch your site soar in the rankings, other strategies; learn from successful Web sites, checking up on your competition; preventing problems with the engines, don't spam, how to stay out of trouble with the engines; frames, JavaScript, tables and image maps, dynamically delivered pages and redirections, reading your log files, and keeping your Web page spider free. Includes discussions about the following search engines AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, LookSmart, Excite, WebCrawler, Magellan, Inktomi, HotBot, MSN Search, GO/InfoSeek,, Lycos, NetGuide Live, Netscape, Open Directory Project, AOL Search, Yahoo!, Snap, Direct Hit, Google, GoTo, FindWhat, RealNames, Northern Light, whatUseek, Jayde and Fast.
Search Engine Optimization Handbook
"SEO: The Search Engine Optimization Handbook," from To access this white paper you must first register at the site. The paper discusses getting started with search engine optimization, the basic technology of SEO, common misconceptions about SEO, how search engines view Web sites, the purpose of your Web site, targeting your audience, what keywords are and how to use them, keyword research strategies, phrases research and analysis, title tags, META description tags, META keyword tags, what good content is and how to write it, guidelines for the Web, basic site designs and SEO guidelines, how links affect SEO, site submission basics, search directories, search engines, and SEO guidelines and a checklist.
Pay-per-click Seach Engine Reviews
Reviews of the top pay-per-click search engines, including Yahoo! Search Marketing, Miva, GoClick, Enhance Interactive, 7Search, Kanoodle, ePilot, Search 123, SearchFeed, and Espotting (now Miva).
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization from Bruce Clay, Inc. Discusses what search engine optimization is, gives an overview of SEO, how to identify your competition, keyword selection, how to use link tracking, how to identify keywords, how to combine keywords, how to add keywords to content, how to tune your keyword list, how to submit to the major search engines, how to recheck your search engine registration, how to check your search engine placement, links, server issues, finding plagiarism, and advance search operators.
SEO Tips from Microsoft
Microsoft's search engine optimization tips. Discusses potential design and set-up problems, optimizing for the correct keywords, your title tag, your page copy, your meta tags, and your images attribute, spamming other search engines, length of time to get listed on MSN, Google, AltaVista, Fast, Excite, Northern Light, AOL, HotBot and iWon, and optimizing text hyperlinks and head tags.
"Beginner's Guide to SEO"
"Beginner's Guide to SEO" from SEOmoz (a search engine optimization company). Discusses what SEO is, why companies need SEO, why search engines need SEO, how search engines operate, measuring popularity and relevance, information search engines can trust, anatomy of a HyperLink, keywords and queries, paid placement and secondary sources, how to conduct a keyword search, Wordtracker and Overture, targeting the right terms, critical components of optimizing a site, accessibility, URLs, titles and meta data, search-friendly text, information architecture, duplicate content, building a traffic-worthy site, usability, professional design, authoring high quality content, link bait, growing a site's popularity, community building, press releases and public relations, link building based on competitive analysis, building a reputation, highly competitive terms and phrases, crafting an SEO strategy, quality vs. quantity, Web site and ranking metrics to watch, and working with a pro or doing it yourself.


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