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Google Services Resource Center

The Google Services Resource Center is your guide to the full range of Google services. This week, we walk through the Google services sites. Coming soon, we will incorporate additional resources from other sites so you can learn more about how the press, industry and the public use and perceive these services. We will keep this resource center up-to-date as new Google services become available. In our Google Services Resource Center you will find

  • Instructions for setting up Google Alerts to receive email updates of the latest news, Web news, and Group postings related to a given topic.
  • Details about Google Book Search, its features, why it is controversial and how Google believes it benefits authors and copyright owners.
  • Google Desktop downloads, the various Google Gadgets (including email, news, weather, photos, stocks, Web clips, maps, to do list, clocks, calendars, the battery meter, media player remote, and more), and instructions for creating and posting your own Google Gadgets.
  • Google Earth, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro downloads and suggestions for using these services at home and on the job.
  • Information about Froogle—Google's price-comparison tool.
  • Instructions for searching Google Scholar for theses, academic books, peer-reviewed papers and more.
  • Details about Google Special Search that enables you to search in specific topic areas. Current Special Searches include Government, Linux, BSD, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft, Public Service and University Search.
  • Learn how to perform better Google searches using operators including "OR" and "+".
  • Learn about Google Code, the Google APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and open source projects developed with Google APIs.
  • Details about the Google Co-op that allows you to create a specialized search for a given topic and select the sites that provide the best, authoritative coverage of that topic. You'll also learn how to contribute to specialized searches under development at Google.
  • Information about additional projects under development at Google Labs including Picasa for Linux, Google Notebook, Google Trends, Google Mars, Google Page Creator, Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac, Google Transit Trip Planner, Google Reader, Google Web Accelerator, Google Ride Finder, Google Suggest, Froogle Mobile, and Google Sets.
  • Learn how to get started with a Blogger account.
  • Learn about Picasa—a photo searching, editing and sharing application that helps you organize your pictures.
  • Learn how to use Google Talk to make telephone calls and send instant voice messages for free over the Web.
  • Google Mobile resources including Google search, Google Maps, text messaging, Gmail and more for your mobile phone.
  • Other Google Services including Google Blog Search, AdSense, Google Video, Google Analytics and more.


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Update :: June 26, 2017