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Google Services Resource Center


Google Earth
Comparison of Features
Chart comparing the features of Google Earth, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro.
Google Earth Top Search Results
Check out the top site-seeing search results using Google Earth.
Tour of Google Earth
Tour of Google Earth features including flying into an address, zooming, tilting, rotating, business search, business reviews, driving directions, printing, saving, 3D buildings and terrain, measuring distance and more.
Google Earth Community Site
Google Earth community site. Chat with other users and developers in the Google Earth forum, and find the latest Google Earth news.
Google Earth User Guide
Google Earth user guide discusses navigating, finding places and directions, marking places on Earth, showing or hiding icons and labels, tilting and viewing hilly terrain, resetting the default view, sight seeing, using layers, using places, managing search results, measuring and drawing, using image overlays, importing GIS data into Google Earth, using GPS devices with Google Earth, keyboard controls, and 3D viewer options.
Google Earth Help Center FAQ
Google Earth Help Center FAQ. Topics include getting started (installation instructions, etc.), purchasing, data, troubleshooting, billing and more.
Google Earth in Industry
Learn how Google Earth is being used in industries including Commercial and residential real estate, architecture, insurance, media, defense intelligence, homeland security, and more.
Google Earth Enterprise
Google Earth Enterprise overview. Google Earth Pro enables you to combine your enterprise data with powerful geographic data.
Google Earth Pro
Check out Google Earth Pro—the most powerful, for-sale Google Earth tool. Google Earth Pro features the fastest performance, enhanced printing and saving capabilities, annotation and measurement tools, technical support, and data ad-ons including movie maker and more. Includes a sample movie, print and traffic report using Google Earth Pro.
Google Earth Plus
Check out Google Earth Plus—a for-sale upgrade to Google Earth that features increased performance, GPS capabilities for use with certain GPS devices, higher resolution, customer support, and more.
Google Earth Features
Brief description of the features of Google Earth.
Download Google Earth
Download Google Earth, Google Earth Plus or Google Earth Pro to your Windows-based PC, or download Google Earth Mac for Macintosh.
Google Earth
Get satellite images of any location on Earth using Google Earth, which combines maps, satellite images and search capabilities. Enter an address to get the satellite image.


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Update :: July 22, 2017