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Google Services Resource Center


Google Code
Open Source Project Examples
Check out some of the open source projects built with the Google APIs.
Google Web Search API
Google Web Search API allows you to build Google Web Search capabilities into your applications. Download the API, read the Google Search API FAQ, and read the terms of service before you get started.
Google Toolbar API
Use the Google Toolbar API to create your own buttons for the Google Toolbar. Read the getting started manual and API documentation, check out the buttons in the gallery or add your own button to the gallery, and chat with other developers in the Google Toolbar API discussion forum.
Google Talk
Similar to Skype, Google Talk allows you to communicate online for free using voice calls and instant messaging. Download Google Talk, get the latest news and developments from the Google Talk Blog, and visit the help center to read the Google Talk FAQ that will help you get started using Google Talk.
Google Sitemaps
Use Google Sitemaps to direct the Google crawlers to the new and updated content on your Web site. This will help improve your findability online and your Google search performance. Visit this site to learn how to add Google Sitemaps to your Web site, and to use the Sitemap protocol and Sitemap generator. Site also includes links to third-party tools and the Sitemap discussion forum.
Google Related Links
Place Google Related Links units on your site so visitors can find dynamically-generated content links to other similar sites. Check out the Google Related Links FAQ for more information about the program.
Google Maps API
Google Maps API allows you to incorporate Google Maps into your Web applications. Use it to provide driving directions to your location and more. Site includes downloads, links to the discussion forums, documentation and more.
Google Gadgets API
Use the Google Gadgets API to customize your Google homepage.
OneBox for Enterprise APIs
Google's OneBox for Enterprise APIs allows you to find any information from your enterprise through a Google search box interface. Modules for use with Google OneBox include Oracle, and Cognos. Site includes documentation, forums, downloads, open source gallery, a OneBox gallery, and more.
About Google Earth Functionality
Learn how you can build Google Earth functionality into your applications.
Google Desktop SDK
Develop your own Google gadgets and plug-ins for the Google Desktop using the Google Desktop SDK (Software Development Kit), and integrate Google Desktop into your applications. Site includes an overview of the Google Desktop SDK, downloads, the Google Desktop SDK developer guide, and links to the developer forum and the Desktop blog.
Google Data APIs
Google Data APIs (GData) can be used to read and write data (blog feeds, news feeds, etc.) on the Web. It uses RSS and Atom technologies, a feed-publishing system and extensions for handling queries. Developers Guide includes an overview of the GData API, protocols, common elements, a Java client library, a C# client library, the Google Calendar Data API, and links to download the client libraries.
Blogger API
Blogger API allows you to use Atom to post and edit blog posts. Includes documentation, third-party applications, the Developer Blogroll, and more.
Google AdWords API
Google AdWords API allows you to develop Web applications that communicate with the Google AdWords server to manage your AdWords advertising campaigns.
Download Google APIs
Download Google APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and open source projects developed with Google APIs, and read the Google code blog for the latest news and developments.


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Update :: August 21, 2017