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Google Services Resource Center


Switch to Gmail
Learn how to easily move another email account over to a Gmail account. Simply enter your current email address and click the "Help Me Switch" button and Google with give you instructions (and a demo) instructing you how to import all of your contacts, announce your new Gmail address, and remind your contacts that you've switched.
Gmail Help Center
Gmail help center includes answers to frequently asked help questions. Topics include getting started with Gmail, common mail tasks and features, Gmail essentials, troubleshooting, and account information.
Gmail Privacy Policy
Before you start using Gmail, read Google's Gmail privacy policy.
Gmail Reviews
Read the Gmail press reviews, blog posts and users testimonials.
The Benefits of Gmail
Learn more about the benefits of using Gmail, including search, organization, spam filters and more.
Gmail Features
Check out the latest Gmail features including new languages, contact pictures, new chat features and more.
About Gmail
Learn more about the features of Gmail, check out sample screenshots, and read the Gmail FAQ.
Gmail is a free, Web-based email client that saves sent messages and their replies as conversations so messages are easier to find, provides virtually endless storage so you never have to delete messages to create space, and allows you to easily search for messages.


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Update :: August 21, 2017