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Facebook Social Ads Resource Center


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Facebook Factsheet
Includes an about Facebook blurb, product information (Facebook's functions and applications), technology information (e.g., it's the second most-trafficked PHP site in the world), and a summary of Facebook's Platform. Also includes privacy and funding resources and lists Facebook's board members, number of employees, number of users and office locations.
Facebook Site Statistics
Provides you with Facebook's site statistics. Includes data on Facebook's general growth, international growth, user demographics and user engagement. Provides statistics for its applications (e.g., according to ComScore, Facebook is the number one photo sharing application on the web) and the Facebook Platform (e.g., how many applications are added per day).
Facebook Business Solutions
Provides descriptions and links to the business solutions available on Facebook. Includes the Social Ads program, Facebook Beacon, Facebook Platform, Facebook Pages, Facebook Insights, Facebook Polls and Integrated Solutions. Links to additional Facebook resources, including the Facebook Factsheet, Site Statistics, News Feed and Wall information.
Facebook Advertising
Outlines the three components of Facebook Ads, including Social Ads, Facebook Pages and Facebook Insights. Lists the elements of Social Ads (e.g., advanced targeting, content integration, flexible pricing and trusted referrals), and Facebook Pages (e.g., free presence, quick setup, easy customization and viral distribution). Discusses Facebook Insights, including the analytics available for marketers, optimizing Social Ads and more.
Facebook Social Ads
Provides information about Facebook Social Ads. Includes how Social Ads influence users (e.g., appear in the News Feed next to a story about a friend's interaction with your business), where social ads are placed and more. Discusses how you can buy Social Ads, including by the number of clicks (CPC) or by the number of impressions (CPM).
Facebook Pages
Discusses Facebook Pages and how they help connect users to your business or brand and lists the numerous types of businesses it can help (e.g., restaurants, local stores, musicians, politicians, bars, etc.). Discusses what a "fan" of your business is and how they can interact with your Page. Provides examples on the viral effect of social stories.
Facebook Beacon
Discusses how you can join Facebook Beacon, including how to add code to your website. Discusses business promotion (e.g. word-of-mouth spread via the News Feed and Mini-Feed), and user privacy (e.g., Facebook Beacon features that protect user privacy). Includes a link to Facebook Social Ads (if implemented, you can increase the number of users who see your News Feed story).
Facebook Insights
Discusses what information Facebook Insights offer marketers. Provides the data you have access to, including activity, fan demographics, ad performance and trends. Discusses what the tool can do for your business or brand, including improve the custom content on your Page, and improve the performance of your Social Ads.
Facebook Platform
Discusses the Facebook Platform which allows you to create applications for Facebook. Provides information on the tools the Platform offers to help you create custom experiences for your users to interact with your business. Discusses existing applications and your capability to leverage one of them to create better user experiences.
Facebook Polls
Discusses Facebook Polls' features. Includes researching your target audience (you can target your Polls by gender, age, location, interests, etc.), and the interface (that allows you to create a single-question poll within minutes). Discusses how users are notified of your Polls and the real-time results you'll receive.
Integrated Solutions
Facebook offers opportunities to help you develop a Facebook advertising plan. Provides inquiry submission that includes selecting your country and estimated budget. Includes information on when and how a Facebook sales representative will contact you.
News Feed Help
The News Feed help page provides you with the answers to common questions about its functionality, privacy settings and stories released. Discusses the News Feed in the context of a users Home page and the types of information that is relayed via the News Feed (e.g., if a friend uploads a new photo album, you may receive a story about it in your News Feed). Includes information on subscriptions (e.g., the Atom/RSS feed), Facebook Pages, applications, actions from external websites, gifts and more.
Facebook Timeline
Provides Facebook's company timeline from when they first launched the company until today. Includes Facebook milestones (e.g., in December 2006, Facebook reached more than 12 million active users and in October 2007 they reached over 50 million active users) and Facebook additions (e.g., in November 2007, Facebook launched Facebook Ads).
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Update :: August 20, 2017