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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Tools and Downloads
Downloads for the Pocket PC Game API (GAPI) 1.2
Microsoft's Download Center. Download the Pocket PC GAPI 1.2 (Game API) for anyone who is developing games for the Pocket PC. Information available here includes system requirements, an overview, instructions, links to related resources, additional information for Casio EM500 users and additional downloads including Pocket PC themes generator, the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for the Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Developer Port Toys and more.
Mobile Software Downloads
Mobile Software Downloads from New software includes a BlackBerry spam filter, the ThumbXP Facebook (for using Facebook on cellphones), a mobile RAM booster, phone and communication icons, a barcode reader, an assortment of games, GPSLite for Windows Mobile, advanced device locks, MSN messenger and more.
The Programming Language Lua
Learn about the Lua (pronounced LOO ah) light-weight embedded scripting programming language. It is a robust, fast, portable, simple yet powerful, and free language. It is being used in industrial applications including Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom. Links are provided to the documentation, downloads, RSS feed and licensing materials.

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Update :: October 23, 2018