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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Sample Chapters
Meet the Xbox 360
“Meet the Xbox 360,” from Xbox 360 for Dummies, by Brian Johnson and Ducan Mackenzie (January 2006). Discusses a checklist for parents, playing with the Xbox 360, games, DVDs, music, Xbox live, communications, what the Xbox 360 can’t do, extending the Windows Media Center PC, Xbox 360 packages, and the “premium” Xbox 360 system.
Introducing Massively Multiplayer Games
“Introducing Massively Multiplayer Games,” from Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies, by Scott Jennings and Alexander Marcis (December 2005). Discusses what a massively multiplayer game is, the player, the story, conflict and/or contest, fees (generally monthly), goals (these may not be clear), and MMGs time limits.

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