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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Resource Sites
Intel® Software Network
The Intel® Software Network site is a source of information and resources for developers. The Intel Mobile Platform SDK 1.2 has become open source and can be used to develop software for mobile platforms, notebooks, tablets, smart phones and PDAs. Links are provided to download the code, read the documentation and participate in forums.
Mobile Magazine
Mobile Magazine is a free online publication that reports on the mobile industry. Resources include news, product reviews (for wireless devices, gadgets and portable computing), handheld devices, mobile gaming, multimedia devices, software, mobile phones, technology news and much more.
Mobile Gaming
FierceGameBiz is a free online newsletter for the gaming industry. Topics include mobile gaming, online gaming, gaming hardware, gaming peripherals, game software, gaming hardware, trends, game licensing, etc. Resources include whitepapers, events, job listings, links, webinars and much more.
Innovative Games
Innovative Games is a source of information on the mobile game industry. You can locate articles about the history of gaming, mobile game development, mobile gaming, mobile game popularity, the characteristics of a mobile game and game implementation on mobile phones. Other resources include forums for chat, developers and publisher discussions, and game reviews and news.
Microsoft's Mobile Gaming Resources
Microsoft’s complete list of resources for mobile gaming. Topics include Windows Mobile, creating safer gaming environments, downloads (such as the Pocket PC API and Windows Mobile), mobile development (MSDN forums), new features for Windows Mobile 5.0, games for the Windows community and more.
Sun Microsystem's Mobile Gaming Resources
Sun Microsystem’s complete list of resources for mobile gaming. Topics include mobile game development, a mobile Java case study, multiplayer gaming, mobile gaming solutions, a real-time multiplayer, wireless gaming, what’s new in mobility and more.
Mobile Entertainment Forum
The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) is a trade association for the mobile entertainment industry including music, file, TV and video. Members include creators, publishers, retailers and service providers world wide. Resources available include news, blogs, upcoming events, RSS feeds and initiative (such as ad-funded entertainment, mobile education, mobile TV, mobile search and discovery and more). Gaming Portal
The gaming portal is a source of information on Mobile gaming. Resources include the history of mobile gaming and mobile gaming today, a list of mobile gaming glossary terms and their definitions, a guide for transferring games to a mobile phone, and a mobile gaming FAQ.
Windows Mobile Game Programming
The Microsoft Windows Mobile Game programming page is a source of information on the Game API (GAPI). Links are provided to technical articles (such as porting GAPI games) and a series of four articles that introduces game programming on the Windows Mobile powered Smartphone.
Sony Ericsson Developer World
Mobile 3D developer resources available from Sony Ericsson include news and articles, general articles (topics that include M3G, creating music for Java ME phones, multitasking, 3D hardware acceleration, the future of mobile gaming, landscape gaming design and more), developer case studies (including Digital Chocolate, 3D game development, tips, learning lessons and more), a mobile 3D game gallery, industry leaders opinion papers, tools and documentation, mobile 3D tips, tricks and code, a JSR 184 tutorial (for getting started with M3G programming), technical support, 3D-enabled phones, the latest phone articles, and media reviews.
The Latest Mobile News is a social games news site. Membership is free and new members (gamer members) can post comments, submit news tips and participate in site activities. Members who pass the contributors test can also post news stories. The site covers the game industry and community including gamers, industry professionals and journalists. Information available on the site includes Play Station 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Mobile, gaming, the industry, development, technology, blogs, forums, events, announcements and contests.

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Update :: October 16, 2018