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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Tutorials
Intro to Developing Mobile Devices Using J2ME/MIDP
"An Introduction to Developing for Mobile Devices Using J2ME/MIDP: Part 1," from Discusses mobile game development, J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile), platform (including MIDP, ExEn, WGE and DoJa) and environment, terms and their meanings, CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration), devices (e.g., Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung), tools, the wireless toolkit, editors (including Eclipse, Sun ONE Studio and JBuilder), the API classes (including, java.lang, java.util,, javax.microedition.lcdui, javax.microedition.midlet and javax.microedition.rms), the MIDlet, building blocks, the Canvas class, event delivery methods (including keyPressed(int keyCode), paint(Graphics g), and keyReleased(int keyCode)), limitations and pitfalls, setting up a project, the basic MIDlet, compiling, pre-verifying, and running the project, using forms and commands, using the canvas to draw and handle input, input handling, game loop, using images, and double buffering.
3D Programming for Mobile Devices
"3D Programming Tutorial for Mobile Devices Using M3G (JSR 184)," by Mikael Baros. Discusses mobile Java 3D development, how to set up a 3D canvas, render models, the MIDlet class, the Canvas class, the M3G file format, camera handling, rendering, the Graphic3ED, and the M3GCanvas.
Exploring the Game API of MIDP 2.0
"J2ME Tutorial, Part 3: Exploring the Game API of MIDP 2.0," by Vikram Goyal. Discusses the J2ME gaming API, the LayerManager, the GameCanvas class, game building, building a J2ME game, defining game characteristics, creating backgrounds using the TiledLayer class, sprites and the LayerManager, and managing layers using the layerManager.

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Update :: October 19, 2018