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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Monetization
Mpowerplayer is a marketing company that helps mobile game vendors connect with users and sell their products by allowing users to browse and download from their desktop PC. Their partners include Sprint, ES Mobile, I-Play, Sun Microsystems, Wireless Gaming World, Pocket Gamer UK, and hundreds of mobile game publishers.
The BREW Gaming Signature Solution
"The BREW Gaming Signature Solution," from BREW Gaming. Discusses mobile revenue generation, the gaming industry, how virtual communities (e.g., MySpace and YouTube) help generate sales, how popularity affects revenues, challenges to mobile operators, how the BREW Gaming Signature Solution works, how BREW Gaming can increase prices and revenues, mobile arcade, game catalog, ratings and recommendations, operator benefits, advantages, the consumer gaming experience, publisher and developer benefits, and resource management.
Ad-Supported Mobile Advertising
Greystripe provides an ad-supported mobile advertising network through their AdWRAP program. Their program places screen images, videos and banners on mobile games and applications. The games and applications are free and available to users through the and sites.
Yahoo Mobile Publisher Services;_ylt=Am5Dt2ULuFg1NlPcwPMOpbvntAcJ
Yahoo Mobile Publisher Services provides content monetization for mobile advertisers, publishers and network operators. The Yahoo! Mobile Ad Service provides display advertising, search advertising, video advertising and mobile as tools; the Yahoo! Publisher Services provides a mobile ad network, mobile site submit, mobile media directory and mobile content engine; the Operator Advertising Solutions provide operator search services and access to global consumer communities.
Mobile Content Monetization: Challenges/Strategies
"Mobile Content Monetization - Challenges and Strategies," from Always On Real-Time Access. Participants in this panel discussion include Brendan Benzing, VP of products and marketing at Infospace, Jai Jaisimha, VP product development at Medio Systems, Satoshi Nakajima, CEO UIEvolution and Hank Skorny, Executive VP at OZ Communications. Topics included the number of consumers who are using mobile devices instead of landlines, mobile entertainment, user generated content, mobile advertising, content monetization, and micropsyments.

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Update :: October 17, 2018