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Mobile Gaming History
A Brief History of Handheld Video Games
"A Brief History of Handheld Video Games," by Donald Melanson. Discusses the early years including Mattel's LED-based handhelds, Milton Bradley Microvision, Nintendo's Game & Watch series, Epoch Game Pocket Computer, the new wave including, Nintendo Game Boy, Atari Lynx/Lynx II, NEC Turbo Express, Sega Game Gear, Sega Nomad, Tiger Electronics, Neo-Geo Pocket/Pocket Color, Game Boy Color, Bandai WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color/ WonderSwan Crystal, Game Boy Advanced/Advanced SP/ Micro, the now generation including Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD, Nintendo DS/DS Lite, PlayStation Portable, Gizmondo, the grey area including GamePark GP32/GP2X, and PDAs Emulators.

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Update :: October 19, 2018