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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Blogs
Ypulse is a blog for the teen/youth media and marketing community. They are a source of news, commentary and resources on commercial teen media (magazines, games, TV and music), technology (e.g., cell phones, instant messaging), marketing and advertising, and civic media (organizations for youth voices in the media).
Game Invasion
The Lockergnome site blog discusses eBooks for Nintendo, Wii and DS, from pong to oblivion, the business and culture of online games, tips and tools for mobile gaming and entertainment handhelds, guide to the XBox 360, guide to alternate reality gaming, official game rules, brain games. building game worlds and PSP.
The Mobile Games Blog
The Mobile Games Blog is a source of information on ad-funded gaming, adult games, brand licensing, companies, connected games, development platforms, distribution, events and conferences, Brew, Flash Lite, announcements, previews, reviews, location-based gaming, marketing, mobile gaming, new releases, discussions, trends, current news and more.
Mobile Opportunity
"Mobile Opportunity," is the blog of Michael Mace, Chief Competitive Officer and VP of product planning at Rubicon Consulting. The blog discusses the web, wireless, entertainment and computer industries. Topics include FPS (an online billing API), new forms of online business, mobile data markets, smartphones, mobile devices, impact of the Apple iPhone, Flash, mobile OS, mobile platform and much more.
Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Blogs
Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine blogs. Experts from Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine discuss topics that include mobile phone games, Nintendo's WiFi game network, hardware, mobile operators, pocket PCs, applications, games, security and much more.

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