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Mobile Gaming Resource Center

Mobile Gaming Articles
HP Mobile Gaming Technology
"HP Mobile Gaming Technology," from LetsGoMobile. Discusses scalability, interactivity, the gaming market segment, online gaming companies, innovative online gaming services, HP Labs advanced technologies, the VoodooPC, and HP Labs display technology. LetGoMobile is a web magazine for the mobile industry with news stories, information about mobile phones, a cell phone advisor, product reviews and a free newsletter.
Ten Tips for Mobile Magic
"Ten Tips for Mobile Magic," by Chris James. Discusses guidelines for mobile game developers to help them produce better games. Topics include quality of the game (as reviewed by analysists, operators and customers), what makes a great game (including understandable objectives, intuitive controls, a simple gameplay dynamic, immediate achievement, increased challenge, creating a record of progress, multiplayer options, a bit of madness and a sense of humor, attractive visuals, and paying attention to the incidentals.
A Vision of Mobile Gaming in 2016
"A Vision of Mobile Gaming in 2016," by Mike Yuen. Discusses mobile gaming in 2016, the GEC (a global platform), the emerging market digital living room, wireless digital distribution, and digital device convergence.
The Future of Mobile Gaming
"The Future of Mobile Gaming: OGPH or One GEC Per Home," by Mike Yuen. Discusses the GEC (good enough console), the "peripheralization" of the GEC which he calls OGPH (one GEC per home), OLPC (one laptop per child), mobile, console or PC games, and the OGPH effect.
Going Mobile: Streaming Video
"Going Mobile: Streaming Video, New Gaming Services and More Coming to Your Cellular Phone," by Simon Firth. Discusses new mobile media infrastructure, streaming video on mobile phones, creating a product, 3G capabilities, mobile gaming, game developers' platform, new services and new profits, and the seamless user experience.
Trends & Trajectories in Mobile Gaming
"Trends and Trajectories in the Mobile Gaming Industry: Innovation, Competition and End-User Preferences," by Hung-Hsuan Denny Yeh. Discusses designers, producers and users in the innovation process, portable gaming industry, the production and marketing of video games, portable computing consoles, methodology, development and research tools, data collection and analysis, portable gaming innovation process, views from producers and retailers, marketing, networks and relationships in product development, and embracing users in mobile gaming innovation.
The Mobile Developer's Manifesto
"The Mobile Developer's Manifesto," from Gamasutra. Discusses eight important features that should be considered for mobile games including fast loading, primary focus should be game playing, games should be playable with one or two hands, mobile game reproduce the console game experience, developers should not use low resolution, developers must consider dropped service, and using unique features to enhance play.
Is 3D the Future of Mobile Gaming?
"Is 3D the Future of Mobile Gaming?" from Mobile3DWorld. Discusses 3D graphics, platforms, problems in 3D gaming, the expense of 3D game development, mobile equipment that can handle 3D games, and the progress in mobile 3D games. Their forums are a source of additional information and discussion on mobile devices and games.
Mobile Multiplayer Gaming: Real-Time Conststraints
"Mobile Multiplayer Gaming, Part 1: Real-Time Constraints," by Michael Powers. Discusses mobile operators (e.g., wireless carriers), mobile game consumers, mobile software developers, publishers, mobile multiplayer games, design constraints, networking, and setting user expectations.
Mobile Multiplayer Gaming: Games with Bluetooth
"Mobile Multiplayer Gaming, Part 3: Multiplayer Games with Bluetooth," by Michael Powers. Discusses what Bluetooth is, multiplayer gaming with Bluetooth, Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology, Bluetooth connection protocols, joining an existing game, hosting a game, client communications, host communications, and connectivity considerations.
The 20 Top Trends in Mobile Gaming
"The 20 Top Trends in Mobile Gaming," from Mobile Entertainment. Discusses steady revenue sources, local brands, more developers, unified release dates, copying of popular games, lack of innovation, direct-to-consumer opportunities, ad-funded portals, hardware, 3D improvements, native formats, multiplayer gaming, user-generated content, social networking, micropayments, word-of-mouth and much more.
Ten Interesting Ideas in Videogame Construction
"Ten Interesting Ideas in Videogame Construction," by Keith Stuart. Discusses argumented reality (overlay of computer graphics into a real-world environment), location-based gaming, creative gaming, communication gaming, personalization, spontaneous multiplayer gaming, ad-hoc networking, emotional gaming, pervasive gaming, and multiple perspective gaming.
Gaming Goes Business Casual
"Gaming Goes Business Casual," by Douglas MacMillan. Discusses targeting a new demographic (e.g., business executives, older mobile device users), RIM (Research In Motion) a company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless solutions worldwide, BPlay (a site for BlackBerry games, themes and ring tones) and optimizing for gaming.
Mobile Multiplayer Gaming, Part 2: Applied Theory
"Mobile Multiplayer Gaming, Part 2: Applied Theory," by Michael Powers. Discusses a user's first impression of a game (generally determined by the game name, icons, text and screen shots), game concepts, design, network architecture, implementation, the model, the view, synchronization, and the game server.
Gizmondo: Portable Mobile Gaming
"Gizmondo: Portable Mobile Gaming," by Douglas Dixon. Discusses the uses of mobile devices (phones, messaging, music players, gaming and more), the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) and its features, Tiger Telematics (a company that combines GPS and GMS technologies), the Gizmondo handheld device (combines gaming, PDA applications, playback, a camera, GSM/GPRS cellular radio and GPS tracking) and scripting gaming.

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