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iPhone Apps Development Resource Center
Getting an iPhone App Approval
Article: This article from the developer of “wundrbar” documents the true story of the process, from the development of the app to having it approved for sale at the Apple Store. The article warns developers that although many apps get approved within days of application it could take 8 to 10 weeks or longer to get an approval.
iPhone Development: 12 Tips to Get You Started
Article: “iPhone Development: 12 Tips to Get You Started,” by Stoyan Stefanov. Discusses documentation, the iPhone simulator, small screen CSS, the Viewport Meta element, orientation changes, orientation specific styles, hiding toolbars, rounded corners, touch events, gestures, special links, the Home icon, and debugging.
Five Tips for Getting iPhone Reviews
Article: “Five Tips for Getting iPhone Reviews,” by Jim Bernard. Discusses providing complete information (app name, your contact information, company name and link to the app), starting with a great description (keeping it simple yet informative), including promotional codes (allow reviewers to have a hands-on experience), making a great video, and putting up a great app.
iPhone SDK Development and App Submission Tips
iPhone SDK Development and App Submission Tips. Topics include random tips on developing and tips for submitting your first application (including making a provision profile, languages supported by the app store, checking on trademarks and much more).
Tips to Become a Good iPhone Developer
Article: “Head Up to Become a Good iPhone Developer—Few Tips,” by Akhila Choudhary. Discusses not starting your programming with the interface builder, take time to understand the Model, View and Controller (MVC) design pattern, learn about Objective-C, and checking iTunes U for lectures on programming for iPhones.
Worlds Youngest iPhone Developer
Article: “Worlds Youngest iPhone Developer.” The article discusses how average users can develop apps for their iPhone and features how “Doodle Kids” (which works like an “Etch-a-Sketch” toy) was developed by a 9-year-old Lim Ding Wen from Singapore. The user can draw anything on the iPhone’s touch screen and when ready to start a new drawing, shaking the iPhone erases what is currently displayed on the screen.
How to Create Your First iPhoneApplication
Article: "How to Create Your First iPhone Application," by Jen Gordon. Discusses various ideas, techniques, tips, and resources on creating your first iPhone application including: having a good idea, a tools checklist, what skills do you have (design, coding), a skills checklist, market research, knowing the iPhone and iPod Touch UI, who will use your app, sketching out your idea, designing the app, programming the app, submitting an app to the App Store and promoting an app.
Figuring Out if Your iPhone App Will Get You Rich
Article: “How to Figure Out if Your iPhone App Will Get You Rich,” by Jonathan Wegener. Discusses basic iPhone facts (including the number of iPhones and iPod Touch devices are in use, number of users and what percentage download apps), how to use the basic facts to determine your addressable market, how many people will buy an app, realistic unit sales calculations, growing a platform a non-apple platforms.
In App Purchase
The “In App Purchase” feature allows app developers to offer different levels of their apps and have different pricing based on the levels of content. Users are charged for the app based on level (e.g., basic or more advanced) they have selected and the purchase is processed through the iTunes Store.

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Update :: October 23, 2018