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iPhone Apps Development Resource Center
Developer Site
iPhone App Developer Program Enrollment
The iPhone App Developer Program Enrollment From. There are two programs available; the Standard Program which costs $99 is for developers who are creating free and commercial apps to be distributed through the App Store; and the Enterprise Program for companies with 500 or more employees that are creating in-house proprietary apps.
iPhone Dev Center
The iPhone Dev Center provides access to technical resources and information to assist you in developing with the latest technologies in iPhone OS. Resources include “Getting Started” documents, the iPhone Reference Library, the “iPhone Application Programming Guide,” the “iPhone Development Guide,” “iPhone Human Interface Guidelines,” “Your First iPhone Application,” the iPhone SDK 3.0, “Getting Started” videos, “Coding How-Tos,” sample code, and developer tools and technologies. Links are provided for joining the developers program and purchasing the videos from the recent Worldwide Developers Conference 2009.
iPhone Developer Program
iPhone Developer Program site on the Apple Developer Connection. Get information for developing apps for the iPhone on a Mac, learn about the tools in the iPhone SDK including Xcode, the iPhone simulator, instruments and interface builder. Additional development resources include Apple Developer forums, “Getting Started” videos and documents, the iPhone Reference Library and coding resources.
Testing iPhone Apps
The iPhone Developer Program enables developers to develop apps directly on iPhone or iPod touch. Learn about building, testing, and optimizing applications to get the best performance. Learn about the Xcode's graphical debugger, collecting real-time performance data in Instruments' timeline view and about powerful optimization tools for quickly identifying and addressing performance issues. “Technical Support Incidents” provided by Apple engineers can provide code-level assistance, helpful guidance, or the appropriate technical documentation.
App Distribution
The iPhone Developer Standard Program provides developers with access to the App Store for distribution of free or commercial applications to iPhone and iPod touch customers. The iPhone Developer Enterprise Program is for companies deploying proprietary in-house applications on their intranet. The Standard and Enterprise Programs allow developers to share applications with up to 100 other iPhone or iPod touch users with Ad Hoc distribution (through email or by posting the app to a web site or server). The App Store allows developers to set their price, receive 70% of the sales revenue, get revenues on a monthly basis, and not be charged for credit cards fees, hosting or marketing.
iPhone SDK 3.0
iPhone SDK 3.0 for iPhone OS 3.0 provides the technologies for enhancing the functionality of iPhone and iPod touch applications (a set of over 1,000 new APIs). New APIs also provide support that allow applications to communicate with hardware accessories attached to iPhone or iPod touch. Learn about the Store Kit framework (for selling extra app content), the Apple Push Notification service (for sending alerts), adding peer-to-peer connectivity, embedding maps in apps, the updated Media Player, and several new features including the compass, video capability and more.
iPhone Developer Tips
iPhone Developer Tips site lists tips and suggestions from iPhone developers. Topics include working with accelerometer, the iSimulate tool, how to add indicator arrows, hiding the status bar, creating a reusable sliding message widget, animated images, and more.
The iPhone SDK Wiki
The iPhone SDK Wiki. Links are provided to various developer sites (such as the iPhone Dev Center, the iPhone Web Application Gallery, the iPhone Application Store, and the iPhone Application Submission Form) and links to a chat rooms and forums (including the iPhoney iPhone simulator, iPhone interface in JavaScript, debugger and much more).
iPhone Development Emergency Guide
Blog: "iPhone Development Emergency Guide," by Matt Gemmell. Discusses hardware, the development environment, the programming language, the application frameworks, saving and loading, memory management, GUI programming, debugging, using the iPhone simulator, deploying to a device, gettin onto the App Store and getting help.

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