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iPhone Apps Development Resource Center
iPhone App Pricing
Blog: “What’s the Optimal Price Point for an iPhone App?” by Megan Van Horn. Discusses just what price iPhone users are will to pay for an app, at what price a decision point (where the user will think before purchase) is reached, what the average price is for the top 100 selling apps and what iPhone developers should consider when pricing their apps.
How to Price Your iPhone App Out of Existence
Blog: “How to Price Your iPhone App Out of Existence,” by Andy Finnell. Discusses the problems that developers face when trying to determine what price to charge for their apps and what developers need to consider when pricing an app (what they would like to earn, how many copies they would need to sell, etc.).
How to Draw Shapes with Core Graphics
Blog: “How to Draw Shapes with Core Graphics,” by Matt Drake. Discusses what Core Graphics is, how to use Core Graphics, where to add drawing code in the UIView, how to play short sound in iPhone code, creating a view-based iPhone application, adding the audio toolbox framework, adding a wav file, using audio services, ways to use the abstract factory, testing new features and much more.
iPhone App Development Submission Tips
Blog: iPhone App Development Submission Tips. Topics include learning Objective-C, applying to the developer program, developing an icon, setting up a provisioning profile, preparing files for submission, submitting tax and bank information, developing tips and tips for submitting your first application.
One Month in the iPhone AppStore
Blog: “Lessons Learned: One Month in the iPhone AppStore.” Discusses the events of developing an iPhone app, talking with customers about the app, getting an app into the AppStore and things to consider including reviews, professionalism, quality, the process (paperwork), monetizing, pricing and more.
Reasons for iPhone App Rejection
Blog: Reasons an iPhone app will be rejected include vibration, linking to private frameworks, icons, copyrights, using appropriate keyboard types, version numbers and flatulence.
Marketing iPhone Apps
Blog: “Marketing iPhone Apps is More Important Than You Think.” Discusses the best channels to use to market apps including bloggers, targeted review sites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, app development and game forums, a product website and blog, YouTube and iTunes app store summary and using analytic tools for monitoring downloads, buzz and usage.

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Update :: October 18, 2018