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YouTube Marketing
Marketing Your Business on YouTube
Article: “Marketing Your Business on YouTube,” by Renee Oricchio. Discusses attracting eyeballs, getting noticed on YouTube, and other benefits of using YouTube.
Ten Ways to Use YouTube to Promote Content
“Online Video Marketing: Ten Ways You Can Use YouTube to Promote Your Online Content,” by Robin Good. Discusses creating and customizing your own channel, choose your niche, targeting your content by account type, creating short firm viral content, tagging and categorizing, targeted playlists, promoting your video with email and bulletins, comments and responses, joining or creating YouTube groups, chatting, and sharing.
Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube
Blog: “Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube,” by Joe Whyte. Discusses the YouTube algorithm, keeping it fresh, keeping it real, the power of views, ratings, favorites and comments; and tips for marketing on YouTube.

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