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Marketing Benefits
Marketing w/ Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Article: “How to Use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to Market Your Mobile Games,” by Stuart Dredge. Discusses companies using social media in the right way to promote their products, engage their customers, or share knowledge with their peers, turning your mobile games into Facebook applications (with click-through to purchase full version), maintaining your own official Fan Page on Facebook. The most obvious of Twitter is to announce new games, reveal new gameplay details, remind people about iPhone updates, and link to reviews of your games. Hundreds of independent developers are using Twitter to do the same thing, while also engaging with player communities, offering promo codes, and chatting about the development process. Two more things to note about Twitter: first, lots of journalists and bloggers will follow your feed, as well as gamers - so it can be considered as part of your PR investment. Having your own YouTube channel full of gameplay videos and trailers, YouTube videos are good marketing material for two reasons: they give gamers a taste of your game (how it plays, how it moves, how it's controlled) that they won't get from an operator portal or even the App Store and journalists and bloggers love YouTube videos, because we can embed them in our stories. Your blog is your voice to the world (consumers and journalists). Regular posts are essential, and true buy-in from the people in charge of the company (a blog that's not allowed to blog about anything interesting isn't interesting). A blog gives you some control over that process - it's the perfect medium to release information, screenshots and opinion.
The Importance of Marketing iPhone Apps
Blog: “Marketing iPhone Apps is More Important Than You Think.” Discusses the best channels to use to market apps including bloggers, targeted review sites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, app development and game forums, a product website and blog, YouTube and iTunes app store summary and using analytic tools for monitoring downloads, buzz and usage.
Introduction to iPhone App Marketing
Blog: “App Marketing 101: Introduction to iPhone App Marketing,” by Jeff Hughes. Discusses understanding the apps message and marketing it (why is it unique? What is the target audience? and who are your competitors?), delivering a message to the target audience, pricing the app for maximum sales and implementing a marketing plan for the app.
Simple iPhone Marketing System
Blog: “How to Market and Promote Your New iPhone App with a Simple Marketing System,” by Brad Kleinman. Discusses what was learned about marketing an iPhone app, using Facebook, creating a fan page, posting a profile, creating a commercial and posting it, crowdsourcing, creating an app launch event, measuring clicks, give away copies, emailing, blogging and public relations.
How to Market Your iPhone App
Blog: “How to Market Your iPhone App,” by Neal Adam Hamou. Discusses finding your audience, finding forums and discussion groups, checking your competition, marketing in Apple user forums, using social networking and blogging, creating a site to promote an app and blogging about the app.
How to Market iPhone Apps
Blog: “How to Market iPhone Apps,” by Brook Lenox. Discusses building a great app, having a lite and paid version, using fee-based advertising, getting free exposure, testing and tracking, what data to track (such as downloads vs. rank), listening to feedback and making changes, and going global.
How to Market an iPhone App on a Limited Budget
Blog: “How to Market an iPhone App on a Limited Budget,” by Julie Preiss. Discusses developing a message, creating a message strategy before posting content, joining a social network; providing relevant, authentic and timely content, reaching out to bloggers, searching for bloggers who specialize to your market, using social bookmarking sites, getting the most mileage from your content and holding a contest.
How to Market Your iPhone Apps
Video: “How to Market Your iPhone Apps,” with Jeff Hughes and Gary Bennett. This 10-minute video discusses the realities of marketing iPhone apps, the need for a strategy, getting an app noticed, understanding iPhone marketing, setting goals, fundamentals of marketing, laying a foundation for marketing an app, the value of the app (what can it so, determining your target audience, creating a message, the app’s unique features, the app’s benefits and knowing your competition.
iPhone Apps Marketing
“iPhone Apps Marketing” suggestions from Injoit. Discusses using blogs, online magazines, article writing, creating a website and a blog, viral marketing, YouTube marketing, social bookmarking, interactive development, social networking platforms(such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube), creating a app store summary, using a press release, and using analytics.

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