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Objective-C Resource Center
iPhone Open Application Development
Book: iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone, by Jonathan Zdziarski (March 2008). Discusses breaking into and setting up the iPhone, getting started with applications, introduction to the UlKit, event handling and graphics services, advanced graphics programming with Core Surface and Layer Kit, making noise and advances UlKit design.
Tips/Tricks When Starting Objective-C iPhone Apps
Article: “Eight Tips and Tricks When Starting Objective-C iPhone Apps,” by Josh Symonds. Discusses turning on the NSZombieEnabled, if nil is sent a message, it’s OK, remembering the @’s and ;’s, using delegates in code, the NSLog, define description for custom classes, typing and reading the API reference.
iPhone Development
Training course: “iPhone Development,” from Fig Leaf Training. The fee-based course is for application developers with familiarity with object-oriented programming and the C programming language. Topics include an introduction to the iPhone, an Objective-C primer, working with the UIKit, creating view controllers, advanced views with UITableVie and UINavigationView, integrating with contacts, photos, camera, Safari and the phone, using the accelerometer, managing pinches and touch, CoreLocation and GPS, performance, security and distribution with AppStore.
Objective-C and Cocoa iPhone Developer Class
Training course: “Objective-C and Cocoa iPhone Developer Class, from Edison Labs. This is a 4-day fee-based instructor-led course for new iPhone developers. Topics include iPhone developer tools, how to use the interface builder, an introduction to Objective-C, object-oriented programming with Objective-C, mastering the Apple MVC model, custom views and view controllers, event handling with Objective-C, user input, saving and recovering data, managing an application (starting and stopping), tables and TableViews, the address book, performance, debugging, animation, graphics, tricks and tips, using the iPhone developer resources and publishing an application.

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