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Objective-C Resource Center
Learn Objective-C on the Macintosh
e-Book: Learn Objective-C on the Macintosh, by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster. Discusses the basics of Objective-C using Apple's free Xcode tools, object-oriented programming (OOP), inheritance, composition, object initialization, categories, protocols, memory management, organizing source files, and Cocoa's Foundation framework and AppKit.
Objective-C Programming
Free e-Book: Objective-C Programming, from WikiBooks. Discusses what Objective-C is, Objective-C concepts, basic terminology, syntax, interface, implementation, techniques, how to write classes, classes, categories, protocols and advanced topics.
The Objective-C Programming Language
e-Book: Inside Mac OS X: The Objective-C Programming Language, from Apple Computer. Discusses the development environment, why Objective-C, objective-oriented programming, the object model, mechanisms of abstraction, inheritance, dynamism, structuring programs, objects, messaging, classes, class types, class objects, defining a class, selectors, hidden arguments, extending classes, memory management, retaining objects deallocation, forwarding, remote messaging, type encodings, functions, and more.

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Update :: October 19, 2018