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Xcode 3 Unleashed
Xcode 3 Unleashed, by Fritz Anderson (July 2008). Discusses simple workflow and passive debugging, simple active debugging, compilation, starting a Cocoa application, views of a Cocoa application, controllers of a Cocoa application, version control, property lists, libraries, dependent targets, file packages, bundles, unit testing, creating a custom view, dynamic libraries and frameworks, documentation in Xcode, using the data modeling tools, cross-development, how to build a plug-in, navigating an Xcode project, Xcode for make veterans, Xcode and speed, a legacy project, shark and the CHUD tools and instruments. The appendices cover build variables and project and target templates.
Beginning Xcode
Beginning Xcode, by James Bucanek (April 2006). Discusses installing Xcode, menus, editor, data mining, help, building, layout, groups and files, info windows, toolbars, status bar, favorites bar, activity view window, creating a new project, organizing sources, source item types, creating new source files, adding existing sources, source attributes, editing text, searching, the class browser, help and documentation, the Interface Builder, class modeling, data modeling, targets, building projects, debugging, performance analysis, unit testing, sharing sources and customizing Xcode.
Xcode Debugging Guide
“Xcode Debugging Guide,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses the Xcode debugging environments, debugging essentials, debugging in the text editor, debugging in the mini debugger, debugging in the debugging window, debugging in the console, managing program execution, viewing variables and memory, modifying running code, debugging programs remotely, low-level debugging support and debugging preferences.
Xcode Reference Library
“Xcode Reference Library,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses the build setting reference, the build system guide, design tools for class modeling, the documentation set guide, what’s new in Xcode, the debugging guide, an Xcode overview, the project management guide, the source management guide, the user default reference, the workspace guide, release notes, Xcode 3 project compatibility, and more.
Debugging and Symbolizing Crash Dumps in Xcode
Article: “Debugging and Symbolizing Crash Dumps in Xcode,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses using the “out of the box” solution, adding debugging information to the release build, stripping the finished product, extracting the debugging information to a separate file, debugging optimized code, symbolizing crash dumps and crash processor architecture.
Development Tasks with Automator and Xcode
Article: “Automating Development Tasks with Automator and Xcode,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses Automator advantages for software developers, Automator benefits compared with scripting languages, using existing actions, writing custom actions and workflows, creating the MyFind action, creating the action’s interface, writing the script, specifying properties, testing and debugging the MyFind action and a complete workflow.
Xcode and Static Code Analysis Techniques
Article: “Improving Your Software with Xcode and Static Code Analysis Techniques,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses static analysis, using GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) and Xcode for static analysis, setting the language dialect and warning flags in Xcode, using the language dialect settings, using the warning-level flags, warning stages, language dialect options, language dialect options plus compliance checks, report common and less-common programming errors, options that provide more rigorous checking, Objective-C options and using static analysis on a project.
Using Xcode 2.3
Article: “Using Xcode 2.3,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses working with Xcode, the groups and files list, the detail view, customizable build system, saving time with code sense, collaboration with version control, integrated unit testing, customizable key bindings, what’s new in Xcode 2.3, DWARF (Debugging with Attributed Record Formats) support and dedicated network builds.
Working with Xcode Build Settings
Article: “Working with Xcode Build Settings,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses how Xcode builds products, build settings, finding a build setting, build setting precedence, build configurations and build configuration files.
Moving a Project from CodeWarrior to Xcode
Article: “Moving Your Project from CodeWarrior to Xcode,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses similarities and differences, access/search paths, source trees, build configurations, fix and continue, importing into Xcode and application specific issues.
Understanding Xcode Projects
Article: “Understanding Xcode Projects,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses what an Xcode project is, the project groups and file lists, project navigation, source file references, how a target is processed, build rules and settings and executable environments.
Building Applications for the Future
Article: “Working with Xcode: Building Applications for the Future,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses working with code, groups and file lists, the detail view, customizable key bindings, collaboration with version control, integrated unit testing, visualizing code, class models, data models, finding documents fast, building quickly and easily, precompiled prefix headers, the ZeroLink, predictive compilation, distributing builds, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 4.0, C++ enhancements, customizing builds, debugging, breakpoints and watchpoints, the visual class debugger, fix and continue, remote debugging and migration from CodeWarrior.
Switching from CodeWarrior to Xcode
Article: “Switching from CodeWarrior to Xcode,” from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses Xcode, Mac OS X, components of Xcode, the edit window, the native build system, the debugger, the Source Code Management (SCM) system, benefits of moving to Xcode, how Xcode and CodeWarrior compare, Xcode transition and code differences.
Xcode Downloads
Downloads: Hundreds of Xcode downloads on Google including tools, tutorials, how to’s, debugging, story tags, the Xcode Organizer window, the File menu, a look at Xcode 3.0. compiling Xcode and more.
Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Article: “Ten Things I Dig About Xcode,” by James Duncan Davidson. Discusses the user interface, smart lists, symbol browsing, fast search, build error notification, three pane/one window use, documentation viewer, code completion, predictive completion, and developer/applications directory organization.
Xcode’s Plugin Interface
Article: “Xcode’s Plugin Interface,” by Damien Bobillot. Discusses how to write a plugin for integrating unsupported compilers into Xcode, when a plugin is necessary, specification files, generic information about specification files, file type definition, language definition, build rules, installing a specification file, dependency graph creation, Xcode’s build system, the graph creation API, parsing the output of command line tools, build settings and environment variables, adding build settings in the GUI, the environment API, useful environment variables, building an Xcode plugin and templates.

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