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Objective-C Resource Center
White Papers & EBooks
From C++ to Objective-C
Whitepaper: “From C++ to Objective-C,” by Pierre Chatelier. Discusses Objective-C and Cocoa, a history of Objective-C, a syntax overview, organization of source code, classes, objects, inheritance, instantiation, memory management, exceptions, strings in Objective-C, STL and Cocoa, C++ specific features, RTTI (Run-Time Type Information), Objective-C++ and Objective-C 2.0.
UML for Objective-C
White paper: “UML for Objective-C,” from Excel Software. Discusses a history of Objective-C and UML, map Objective-C constructs to UML, UML class diagram of Objective-C example code, dictionary information and tools to accelerate development.
Implementing StupidModel in Objective-C Swarm
White paper: “Notes on Implementing StupidModel in Objective-C Swarm,” by Steve Railsback and Steve Jackson. Discusses what Objective-C Swarm is, the key differences between Objective-C and Java Swarm implementations, separate interface and implementation files, import statements, message syntax, selectors, creating and using phases of Swarm classes, sub classing, and dropping objects.
White paper: “Objective-C,” from Calpoly. Discusses the implementations of the Objective-C language running under various UNIX implementations, naming conventions, creating a source file, compiling a C source file program, executing an Object-C executable, compiling in multiple steps and how to use the interactive debugger.

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Update :: October 21, 2018