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Objective-C Resource Center
Objective-C Tutorial
Tutorial: “Objective-C Tutorial,” from MacRumors. Discusses methods (subroutines), general form, the @ symbol, the %@ formatter, background and usage, general tips and threads.
Memory Management in Objective-C
Video Tutorial: “Memory Management in Objective-C,” from the Mac Developers network. This fee-based 86-minute tutorial discusses Objective-C’s memory management techniques, how memory works and the underlying principles of memory management, the principles of the NSObject’s reference counting system, release after allocate, memory management responsibilities, how to control the lifetime of objects using retain and the responsibilities this brings, autorelease objects returned from methods, convenience constructors, arrays and collections, the six rules of memory management, finding memory leaks with Instruments, and finding problems with NSZombie.
Objective-C Tutorial
Tutorial: “Objective-C,” from RoseIndia. Discusses what Objective-C is, a simple “Hello World” example, Objective-C on Windows, Objective-C on the Mac, compiling Objective-C, Objective-C keywords, message expressions and comments, class and method declaration and definitions, an Objective-C program with multiple parameters, constructors, access modifiers, garbage collection, class level access, exception handling, inheritance, dynamic types, memory management (retain and release), the Dealloc, categories and posing.
Coding in Objective-C 2.0
Video Tutorials: “Coding in Objective-C 2.0,” from the Pragmatic Programmers. The fee-based series contains three sessions (from 45-minutes to one hour). Topics include classes, objects and messages, memory management, and debugging.
Objective-C for Rubyists
Video Tutorial: “Objective-C for Rubyists,” from Peepcode. This fee-based 80-minute video tutorial covers using Xcode or TextMate as an editor, setting up your test environment, basic syntax, working with objects, creating custom objects, working with network resources, adding functionality with categories, understanding the delegate and working with memory.
Learn Objective-C
Tutorial: “Learn Objective-C,” from Cocoa Dev Central. Discusses what Objective-C is, calling methods, nested messages, multi-input methods, assessors, dot syntax, creating objects, basic memory management, designing a class interface, adding methods, class implementation, the Init, the Dealloc, logging, properties, calling methods on nil and categories.
Objective-C Beginners Guide
Tutorial: “Objective-C Beginners Guide.” Discusses downloading the tutorial, setting up the environment, creating classes, multiple parameters, constructors, access privileges, class level access, exceptions, inheritance, polymorphism, the id type, dynamic types, categories, posing, protocols, memory management and foundation framework classes.

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