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Training Courses
Objective-C Programming
Training course: “Objective-C Programming,” from AboutObjects. This fee-based 2-day course covers using Xcode to edit, build, and debug Objective-C applications and manage project resources; how to define classes and methods, allocate and deallocate instances and send messages to objects at runtime; using essential C functions and Objective-C utility classes (for numbers, dates, arrays, dictionaries, files and directories) and C functions; using 2.0 features such as garbage collection, dynamic properties and fast enumeration; managing memory with retain counts and autorelease pools and avoiding memory management pitfalls; using protocols, categories, key-value coding, invocation forwarding and other advanced features of Objective-C; understanding the runtime system and how it supports dynamic typing, dynamic binding, messaging and message forwarding; using key-value coding to serialize and deserialize objects to and from XML, as well as NSArchiver and its subclasses to serialize to and from binary files and using the GNU debugger (gdb) interactively to help track down and fix bugs.
Beginning Objective-C
“Beginning Objective-C Training Course,” from Izatt. This is a fee-based instructor-led 2-day course. Prerequisites include experienced OOP software development (C++, Java, Ruby). The course covers .h and .m files, pointers, brackets, Xcode, profiling and memory management, debugging and an iPhone simulator.
Objective-C and Cocoa iPhone Developer Class
Training course: “Objective-C and Cocoa iPhone Developer Class, from Edison Labs. This is a 4-day fee-based instructor-led course for new iPhone developers. Topics include iPhone developer tools, how to use the interface builder, an introduction to Objective-C, object-oriented programming with Objective-C, mastering the Apple MVC model, custom views and view controllers, event handling with Objective-C, user input, saving and recovering data, managing an application (starting and stopping), tables and TableViews, the address book, performance, debugging, animation, graphics, tricks and tips, using the iPhone developer resources and publishing an application.
iPhone Application Programming
Free On-line Course: “iPhone Application Programming,” from Stanford University (EvanDoll and Paul Marcos) . Topics in this 21-lecture course include Cocoa touch and the iPhone SDK, Xcode, interface builder. UIKit, Objective-C, application design patterns, view controllers, presenting data (table views), loading and saving data, property lists, SQLite, web services, text input, performance tuning, system integration.

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