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Objective-C Resource Center
Debugging Objective-C
Article:” Debugging Objective-C with Non-ObjC-aware gdb,” by Martin Cracauer. Discusses inspection of objects, message name mangling, operations on messages, calling methods using the mangled name, and calling methods with message name as a string using a compiled function.
Objective-C: The More Flexible C++
Article: “Objective-C: The More Flexible C++,” by Armin Roehrl and Stefan Schmiedl. Discusses why learn Objective-C?, interface, implementation, messages, classes, inheritance, dynamism, objects, categories and protocols, garbage collection and additional resources.
Java Programmer’s Intro to Objective-C
Article: “A Java Programmer’s Introduction to Objective-C: Memory Management,” by Marcus Zarra. Discusses important differences between Java and Objective-C, Java garbage collection, Objective-C retain/release, retain count and the autorelease pool.
Objective-C Blocks
Whitepaper: “Objective-C Blocks,” by David Stes. Discusses an implementation of blocks for Objective-C, choosing a syntax for Objective-C blocks, terminology, syntax for arguments, curly braces, self-referencing blocks, returning from a block, Objective-C blocks are nor LIFO, variables in a block, rules for variables, error handling, error handling using blocks and extensions to the grammar.
When Objective-C and Ruby Meet
Slide presentation: “When Objective-C and Ruby Meet, from MacRuby. This presentation consists of 98 slides that discusses Cocoa, Objective-C 2.0, the obj.method parameter, features of RUBYCOCOA, MacRuby (Apple’s open source project), native threads, Objective-C garbage collector, X-code environment, MacRuby framework, button action, project settings, core of the app code, menu bar, the webkit, and more.
Examining Objective-C
Article: "Examining Objective-C: An Object-Oriented Strict Superset of C," by Kyle Dawkins. Discusses instantiating objects, the language and the runtime, the #import statement, messaging, overloading, selectors vs. message signatures, protocols, categories, posing, pitfalls, garbage collection, no operator overloading, no enforced namespaces and no multiple inhertiance.

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